Fight, farm, build and work alongside mysterious creatures called "Pals" in this completely new multiplayer, open world survival and crafting game. Palworld is home to over 100 unique Pals, each equipped with a diverse set of skills to enhance the player's adventure. Along your journey, you will also encounter formidable boss Pals that pose a challenge even for the most seasoned Pal tamers. Naturally, these boss Pals are also capturable. Palworld seamlessly integrates elements of battle, monster-capturing, training, and base building. Players wield a range of weapons, from classic bows and spears to modern assault rifles and rocket launchers. 


In this game, you can peacefully live alongside mysterious creatures known as Pals. Pals can be used to fight, or they can be made to work on farms or factories. You can even sell them or eat them. In a harsh environment where food is scarce and vicious poachers roam, danger waits around every corner. To survive, you must tread carefully and make difficult choices...even if that means eating your own Pals when the time comes.

  • Pals can be mounted to traverse the land, sea and sky—allowing you to traverse all kinds of environment as you explore the world.
  • Want to build a pyramid? Put an army of Pals on the job. Don't worry; there are no labor laws for Pals.
  • Make use of Pals and their skills to make fire, generate electricity, or mine ore so that you can live a life of comfort.
  • Some Pals are good at planting seeds, while others are skilled at watering or harvesting crops. Work together with your Pals to create an idyllic farmstead.
  • Letting Pals do the work is the key to automation. Build a factory, place a Pal in it, and they'll keep working as long as they're fed—until they're dead, that is.
  • With Pals on your side you can tackle even the most dangerous areas. When the time comes, you might have to sacrifice one to save your skin. They'll protect your life—even if it costs their own.

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Massive Steam Success

Palworld has hit over 370k concurrent players on Steam! That's quite a feat for any release, starting the year off strong. Stats via SteamDB.

Also on Xbox Game Pass

If you want to give the game a go and you have Game Pass, you're in luck! Palworld is a Day 1 on Game Pass game and you can play on either Cloud, Xbox, or PC.

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