Happy Mario Day! In case you're not aware, March 10th is Mario day, because Mar10 kinda looks like Mario. Fun! To celebrate the occasion, Nintendo just released a video announcing a new Super Mario Mario Bros. movie from Illumination. We don't have any details on it quite yet, aside from the fact that it'll release on April 3rd 2026, so it's a few years away.

Aside from this announcement, we also got release dates for a couple of games announced a while ago. Luigi's Mansion 2 HD will come out on the 27th of July, while Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door is releasing on the 23rd of May. Fans of Game Boy Mario spin-off are also getting some love, as Mario Golf and Tennis for the Game Boy Color, and Mario Malpractice Dr. Mario for the Game Boy are all coming to Nintendo Switch Online on the 12th of this month.

Are you excited for the new Mario movie? Which of the two remakes are you looking forward the most? Let us know in the comments below!