In what might be one of the weirdest crossovers out there, Yu-Gi-Oh, the card game with monsters ranging from cute forest animals to giant space-dragons, is crossing over with Hello Kitty, one of the cutest and most popular felines in Japan. Now, neither is a stranger to odd crossovers (there's a Yu-Gi-Oh tactics game set during the War of the Roses, and just last year there was a Hello Kitty promotion with Shadowverse), but what makes this one especially odd is that it's exclusive to McDonald's. In Belgium!

Basically, if you get a Happy Meal, you'll get a toy of a Hello Kitty character dressed as a Yu-Gi-Oh monster for the toy. The promotion runs until April, and it may come to other countries later. Here's a full list of the combos in the order in the image (left to right, first row first), courtesy of McYuGiOh on Reddit:

What do you think of this odd promotion? What other weird crossovers would you like to see? If you're in Belgium, can you send over Slifer Kuromi? Let us know in the comments below!