Every character, object, and world is a piece of a larger puzzle, each with its own shape, story, and significance. So let's celebrate our favourite mathematical constant that we love to meme about, making connections to some of our favourite iconic circular elements in our beloved video games.

Let's jump in!

Gaming's Iconic Circular Characters

Pac-Man: The Original Circle Who Started It All

Pac-Man made its debut in 1980 and it wasn't just another game release, it was the birth of an icon. The basic yellow circle lit up arcades everywhere with a mouth that simply munched on pellets and ghosts. Pac-Man's design, simple yet infinitely relatable, brings us to the definition of the essence of circular characters in gaming: straightforward, universally recognizable, and timeless, which is why we had to start off with him. It's a little crazy one simple shape could have such an impact on gaming culture.

Kirby: The Adorable Sphere of Power

It would be downright criminal to not mention Kirby on Pi Day. The loveable, adorable pink puffball floated onto screens everywhere in 1992 and is more than deserving of eating a slice of pizza in celebration; What does Kirby become when he inhales pizza anyway? Kirby's circular shape wasn't just a design choice though, it was a core gameplay mechanic which enabled the ability to copy enemies he consumes.

Whether we're running around in Dreamland or landing hits in Super Smash Bros, Kirby's adventures have spanned decades, proving that a character's shape can play a pivotal role in defining their abilities and appeal.

BB-8: The Rolling Droid

As the new kid on the block, BB-8, who made his debut with The Force Awakens in 2015, it was surprising to see how quickly he rolled into the spotlight with his spherical charm and high-tech capabilities. BB-8's design, a perfect sphere which a smaller dome, is not only visually appealing but functionally ingenious, allowing for a wide range of emotive expressions and swift movements in games.

BB-8 makes use of this agility in Battlefront 2, allowing him to knock down enemies as he makes a rolling charge down the field all while scrambling enemy radars and allowing his allies to see where the enemies are hiding. We love BB-8 and are happy another Droid made its way into the Star Wars universe.

Circular Objects that Forever Changed the Game

When we think of gaming's most memorable objects, it's not just the swords, guns, or treasure chests that come to mind; it's those perfect circles that have a way of rolling into the action and making a lasting impact. Let's take a spin through some of the most iconic circular objects in gaming history.

Gotta Catch 'Em All - The Pokeball

No list of circular objects in gaming would be complete without mentioning the Pokeball. With a simple flick of the wrist, this spherical device transforms from a handheld ball into a home for our favourite Pokemon. It's fascinating how a compact sphere embodies the vast world of Pokemon, encapsulating our sense of adventures and loving companionship in its design. Plus, who hasn't wanted to throw a real Pokeball at least once in their life?

Pokemon GO was about as close as we got to that feeling with the augmented reality bringing the Pokeball right to our fingertips in our own neighbourhoods.

Sonic's Rings: More Than Just Bling

Gotta go fast! Sonic the Hedgehog isn't just about breakneck speeds and cool moves; it's also about those shiny, golden rings. These aren't your average rings; they're our lifeline, our protection against the enemies and obstacles that lurk around every loop-de-loop. Collecting these rings becomes more than just a quest for points; it's a survival strategy, making every single one of them count. And let's be honest, that sound, that sound of picking up the rings is absolute bliss.

Portal: The Science of Circles

Okay so they aren't perfect circles, but hear me out. The cake would have been our topic here because it looks so perfect and delicious and I want every single bite of it right now, but we can't go spreading lies now can we? Valve's Portal took a basic shape and brought us a groundbreaking, quite literally, mechanic allowing us to traverse puzzles under the supervision of our dear friend GLaDOS. They challenged our sense of direction, our perception of space, and brought us top-tier level design. With every cleverly designed level, we delved deeper into the lore of Aperture Science, peeling back layers of its darkly humorous and twisted world.

All of this from some silly blue and orange circles.

The game not only gave us an amazing mechanic, but also an memorable outro song and an entire generation of people that can't help but quip "The cake is a lie" whenever skepticism arises. It's this blend of gameplay, storytelling, and the cultural impact of its memes that cements Portal as a masterpiece of circular ingenuity.

Worlds That Spin Us Right 'Round Baby

It's not just characters and objects that have us running circles; some of the most unforgettable gaming experiences come from the levels and arenas that literally spin us round. These circular stages challenge our navigation skills, flip our perspectives, and, quite frankly, make our worlds go round in the best possible way.

Super Mario Galaxy: A Universe of Spheres

Diving into Nintendo's Super Mario Galaxy, we're met with a galaxy full of spherical planets, each with its own gravitational pull. It's a dizzying, delightful experience that turns the traditional flat platformer concept on its head. Mario's journey across these tiny, round worlds showcases the potential of circular level design, proving that sometimes, you need to try something new, and sometimes that new is the ol' basic sphere.

Halo's Ringworld: An Epic Circle

In Halo, we're introduced to the ringworlds – huge, circular superstructures floating in space. These aren't just a simple skybox for fun; they're central to the game's lore and setting, giving us a fun blend of natural landscapes and futuristic architecture. Battling through these circular levels isn't just about combat; it's about uncovering the mysteries of an ancient civilization and the true purpose of these rings.

You could say we're going on a journey that takes us full circle. Also Halo has an incredible sound track and any time we have an opportunity to bring that up, we must!

So, what are your favourite circular characters, objects, and worlds in games? Share yours in the comments below and don't forget to take some time today to celebrate by playing games with these iconic circular elements.