Path of Exile's Necropolis league launched this past weekend alongside an expansion update to the game. Player sentiment has been a bit of a mixed bag, and player count is slightly lower 4 days in than one may expect, so big changes being announced today by Grinding Gear Games isn't very surprising.

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As we can see, over the past 8 leagues, Necropolis isn't off to a great start. The League started off with the second-highest player count of any league in Path of Exile, behind Crucible's launch this time last year which introduced per-weapon skill trees which provided a good chunk of interest So, what's changing for Path of Exile's Necropolis League? Well for starters, we're going to see no more tiers for crafts, the addition of the ability to choose the base item you want instead of the category, and a ctrl+f on that search box which should make navigating the UI easier. Oh, and most importantly, instead of materials being listed by level, they will be organized by type which makes spamming those Frost or Fire mods easier.

Read on for all the changes, there are some really important details to check out in full context.

Quote From GGG_Neon

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the feedback and bingo cards.

To get straight to the point of the improvements to the league, here's what we're currently doing today in the studio. Our hope is to get each change out as soon as it is ready.

Area to Area or Map to Map gameplay:

  • We will be allowing you to itemise corpses as they drop, so you can choose to collect the corpse or itemise it for free. As a result itemising corpses in all contexts will now be free, as opposed to the 1 Chaos Orb it currently costs.
  • Each of the downsides from area to area will now display the increase to the amount of Collectable Corpses and Allflame Embers they cause.
  • We will be increasing the amount of Collectable Corpses and Allflame Embers dropping relative to difficult mods substantially.
  • We will be further increasing the amount of Allflame Embers dropping additionally to the above.
  • We will be adding new Allflame Ember packs that are more rewarding.
  • We will be revising the rewards and pack sizes from existing Allflame Ember packs in Endgame to make them substantially more rewarding also.
  • We will be making the Devoted Modifiers more rewarding, notably the ones that are granting Currency Items.
  • We are lowering the danger of the more dangerous modifiers especially at Endgame.


  • You will now be able to select the Base Type of the item you want to craft.
  • As such, we are removing some of the Crafts that allow you to influence Strength, Dexterity or Intelligence armour types, as they will no longer be necessary since you can just freely select the base type. Note that special base types will still need to be obtained through certain corpses, such as Atlas Base Types, and League Base types like Stygian Vise.
  • We are increasing the chances of many of the rarer crafts like Fractured Modifiers and Mirrored outcomes significantly.
  • We've removed the "Tiers" from most of the crafts. They'll now have the values of the existing highest tiers always. For example, instead of being able to get 200% or 500% increased chance for Lightning Modifiers, it will now always be 500%.
  • We have taken all the crafts that affect the Modifier Rating and compressed it into a single craft that affects all modifiers, instead of being type specific. This will not affect existing crafts you have, those will stop dropping and the new one will start dropping once it's deployed.
  • You will be able to directly use Coffins on your List of corpses in your Morgue panel instead of trying to find them within the Morgue.
  • Ctrl+F will go to the Search (Currently must be clicked).
  • We will be sorting crafts by their type, instead of by level, making it much easier to find crafts that affect a specific type of modifier, like Fire Modifiers.
  • The grave-crafts that reroll Sockets and Links have been significantly buffed.

There is a lot more happening in between the cracks but instead of me getting into all of that I am focusing my attention towards getting the fixes ready faster as that's what is more important! I will update more as we are making more changes.

This is just what we're immediately working on and will do more as soon as it's needed and we have resources available. The long weekend here unfortunately cost us the capability to respond to larger changes as fast as we'd like and a huge lesson going forward is to make sure we don't deploy expansions on public holiday weekends as we don't have the personnel available to make changes as fast as we want.