A new Nintendo Indie World took place earlier today, and it was packed with quite a few exciting announcements. 12 games got a proper showcase during the video, some of them new announcements, some realeasing today, all of them coming to the Switch. Let's get into it!

Little Kitty, Big City

You play as a little kitty traversing a big city. Quite self-explanatory. Jokes aside, the game is an adveture game where you'll traverse the city as a cat. Your objective is to get back home, but you'll also be able to help other critters along the way. Game comes out May 9th.

Yars Rising

A new game from WayForward (The Shantae series, River City Girls, Advance Wars 1+2: Re-Boot Camp) and Atari. The game is a cyberpunk platformer (possibly metroidvania) where you sneak around an industrial complex. Game launches in 2024.

Refind Self: The Personality Test Game

This is an adventure game where you play as an android trying to figure out your place in the world. As the name implies, you'll figure out your identity throughout the game as you interact with the world and its inhabitants. Game launches this summer.

Sticky Business

A simple 2D game where you run a sticker shop and must create custom stickers. You have a lot of freedom in how the stickers are created. Both the game and a DLC are available today.


Hectic, fast-paced platformer in the style of Wario Land and Pizza Tower (the art style is even similar to the later). The story sees you getting screwed over by the devil and going on a rampage to kick his butt. Two playable characters were shown. Launches on November 12th as a console exclusive. A demo is available today.

Valley Peaks

A first-person adventure game where you play as a from in some sort of nature preserve. The game has a chill vibe as you platform your way across the titular valley, while interacting with the locals. The game is slated for later this year.

Lorelei and the Laser Eyes

From the creators of Year Walk, Device 6, and Sayonara Wild Hearths, comes... I'm not exactly sure what. It seems to be a puzzle game where you explore a creepy mansion, but the trailer is very vague. Guess we'll find out when the game releases on May 16th.


A chill third-person adventure game set on Europa, one of Jupiter's moons. The game sees you jumping around and gliding on ghusts of winds as you explore the world around you. The game launches later this year and will have a demo available today.

TMNT Splintered Fate

A roguelike brawler starring everyone's favourite ninja amphibious reptiles. The game focuses on the turtles going to various portals in an effort to find their kidnapped master, Splinter. It features multiplayer and permanent upgrades to the base, while the rest of your abilities reset every run. It launches in July.

Cat Quest III

The third entry in the Cat Quest series, this is top-down action game where you explore the world as a cute kitty. The game also features naval combat, as the main antagonist seems to be a steampunk cyborg rat pirate (I love video games). Releases August 8th.


A cozy puzzle game where you must make embroideries. Each puzzle has a grid with a few numbers on it, and you must guess how to fill the spaces so that it's equal to the numbers (it's showcased better in the trailer). The game offers touch support in handheld mode and is available later today.

Rapid-fire Round

As usual for these presentations, there's a montage that shows a few games in rapid succession: 

  • BZZZT - 2D platformer where you control a small robot; summer 2024.
  • SCHiM - A game where you play as a frog-like blob and must jump from shadow to shadow; July 18th.
  • Animal Well - Metroidvania where you explore a dark world and try to uncover it's mysteries, focused on exploration and puzzles rather than combat; May 9th.
  • Duck Detective: The Secret Salami - Detective game where you play as a duck in a trenchcoat; May 23rd.
  • Another Crab's Treasure - Soulslike where you play as a crab under the sea; April 25th.

Steamworld Heist II

Finally, there's a new entry in the Steamworld series and a sequel to the original Steamworld Heist. The game is turn-based tactics game that's played on a vertical 2D plane rather than horizontal map. The sequel also adds naval and underwater combat, as the water is a big part of the game's story. Launches on August 8th.

What are your thoughts on this presentation? Any of the games look exciting to you? Let us know in the comments below!