Microsoft announced that they're increasing the price of Xbox Game Pass. The Ultimate tier will now cost 19.99 USD/month (up from 16.99), while the Core subscription will go up to 74.99 USD/years (up from 59.99, monthly amount isn't affected). PC game pass also increases to 11.99 USD/month (up from 9.99). These are the prices for the USA, you can find them for your country here.

You notice I didn't say anything about the base Game Pass subscription for consoles. That's because it's being discontinued, replaced with the new Xbox Game Pass Standard tier. It will come with Core included (so you'll have access to muliplayer), but will no longer feature Day 1 titles or cloud gaming. The price for this will be 14.99 USD/month.

These changes go into effect today for new subscribers, and from September 12th if you have a recurring subscription. That said, if you have a few months of Game Pass Console stacked, you won't be moved to Standard until your subscription lapses. Also, the maximum amount of months you can stack has been reduced from 36 to 13 (for Standard, other tiers are not affected).

You can read the full changes on Xbox's support page. Here's a graph explaining the different tiers (of note that the "Limited catalog of 25+ games" is available on PC under their own library):

Courtesy of Klobrille on Twitter

What do you think of these changes to Game Pass? Are you sticking to the Ultimate subscription, or are you downgrading to Standard? Let us know in the comments below!