Site Update Notes - January 21, 2024

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  • Introducing realms, the evolution of our portal system.
  • Realms are your destination for each and every video game.
  • Our highlight of realms is to focus on community discussion.
    • Share links to keep the community informed.
    • Participate in regular chatter by creating text threads.

Realms are our evolution of portals and forums. Our forums were difficult to navigate and ultimately,  spread too thin so they looked more inactive than they were. We're hoping to make it easier to join in on discussions via our realms.


  • Word searches join the site as a core feature.
    • No longer are these news articles we create just to serve as a word search.
  • You can find the most recent activities at the bottom of the homepage.


  • No longer just for news articles!
  • We now feature articles, our latest opinions, and reviews prominently on the main page.
  • Featured content appears at the very top of the home page in a carousel so we can highlight very important news.
  • The most recently updated guides also make an appearance on the homepage.
  • Activities are joining the site for the first time and can be found at the bottom.
  • The new right-side column puts a focus on the community of the website.
    • This showcases our new realms system.
    • All recently updated threads in all our realms appear in this feed. 

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where create thread page didn't correctly display forms.
  • Fixed an issue where the front page carousel wasn't linking to articles correctly.
  • Fixed the "More game Guides button on the homepage.
  • The Out of Cards logo no longer appears in our mobile header.

Known Issues

  • Achievements are not firing for activities.
    • There are new "completed x activities" achievements that aren't firing and have been removed temporarily.
    • If you complete any activities while these aren't working, you will not have credit for their completion afterward.


  • Subscriptions to realms!
    • Customize your site experience and see what you want to see.
  • New navigation!
    • Realms will have their own navigations we can further customize on a per-realm basis.
  • Hearthstone Puzzles
    • We have a couple of things we need to fix before we bring this back - if you saw it you know what we mean :)
  • Image threads in realms.
    • Image style threads already work if you use an image link as a link thread.
  • Poll threads in realms.
    • A bit further down the pipeline but they're coming!
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    If you run into any issues, you can mention them here. Feedback is also appreciated.

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    If you are planning on playing WoW on US realms, consider using my recruit link =)

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    Posted 1 month ago

    I was taken by surprise by the new look and I dig it.

    I think that ad placement kinda makes it look strange on desktop because of how the right column gets a little bigger than the right one but it is sth minor and I think I noticed it more because I was just surprised by the new looks.


    I think the format has potential and I will really like to see how it evolves in the following weeks/months.

    Also having activities featured on their own section is a great choice I think.



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    Hi. Just realized i never told you my gripe with the website :D

    After going into a community thread and pressing the "back" button on my phone, the main page defaults to the "news" section/tab instead of opening up the Community section/tab, where i navigated from.

    Not sure you can do something about it, but putting it out there :)


    Other than that, the new looks needs a bit of getting used to, but it's a clear improvement for organizing stuff over the previous design. Nice going!

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