Have you started to play Mythgard, but don't know what faction really suits you and your playstyle? Are you torn between the sandy dunes of Parsa or the techno-advancement of Aztlan? Well, worry no more! In this series, with a friendly shade at your side, you will know the ins and outs of each and every faction. Mythgard is, of course, a world with many secrets. 

Today, we will sink our teeth into Oberos, or more commonly known as simply red. Oberos is based on Greek mythology, vampires, and carnies. A very scary line-up to give you nightmares.

Oberos has some aggressive cards, killing minions with ease through bursts of damage and keywords that allow them to move and strike quickly. They also can heal you, prolonging the battle with their humane blood transferring. But it also includes some of the weakest minions in Mythgard, many of them start with 1 health. Some cards play this to their advance, granting effects when friendly minions die.

Table of Contents

    For Hearthstone Players

    Oberos is closely related to the Hunter class with a pinch of Warlock. 

    Cave Hydra Card Image

    Riftcleaver Card Image

    Arcane Shot Card Image   

    For Runeterra Players

    Oberos is actually a mix of regions, but mostly Noxus or Piltover and Zaun due to non-combat damage. 

      Mystic Shot Card Image

      Blade's Edge Card Image.

      Thermogenic Beam Card Image

    The Core Cards

    The first big theme you will see in Oberos is non-combat damage. 

    Some cards deal it straight to the enemy player(s).The Oak of Dodona helps kill your opponent and keep you living. The Orpheum of Horrors turns death into more death for everyone! Forlorn Spirit is great to deal that one last damage cheaply.

    *Mythgard has a 2v2 mode 

    While others target minions first. Sea Fire deals huge damage to take care of a big one, while Magmataur gets rid of pesky stragglers.


    But some are a bit of loose cannons. You can find Ignition in many red decks due to its cheap cost and damage, while Fire Eater allows you to pay one mana and deal 1 to any one. Vulcan Brand gives a minion the ability to ignore armour AND kill enemies (and possibly you), is a really great payoff for 1 of each currency.


    Next, let us move on to the blood-suckers. Many vampires are surprisingly agile, which means they can attack any of the three opposing lanes, even one of them has Defender or Lurker. Lurker minions must be attacked after non-lurker ones and Defender is the opposite, meaning you have to attack them first. Lord Valentine can either move or attack when another vampire hits the opponent. 


    Others are swift and have an extra move action or restore health equal to the amount of damage they deal.


    But they aren't really that bad. They run blood drives! For themselves. Extract Life can heal you and deal a lot of damage to a minion. Amnesia removes a minion's buffs and special abilities and sets its strength to one for a swift kill. Ichor Feast can replenish your hand if you are willing to pay a small price.


    Some lane enchantments share an effect: when the occupying minion dies, something happens. The dead can rise again, but as you know with the Underworld, there is always a price.


    Now, we enter the big top to witness the horr… I mean amazing acts of the Circus Diavolos! Watch your minion glides through the air on the trapeze! Stop by the ticket booth to buy tickets to the special event at the full moon. Gaze in awe at the mystifying deeds of the performers! The ringmaster commands her performers in their acts of amazement. The lug can throw 10 times his own body weight! Your minions can soar on the trapeze! Watch the Vulcanist as she burns stuff! That may include you though...



    The artifacts of old can help you in battle. Dragon's Teeth can stack upon each other to mill your opponent. Or you can combo them with The Stretcher/to deal lots of damage. The sea lord might be gone, but that doesn't mean his trident is not. Demon Squids, huh.


    Rings Of Immortality



    Forge is an additional effect that all copies of a card gets when you burn one of them. 

    And there you have it. An overview of the horrors, performances, and acts of Oberos! Do you feel like you belong in Oberos?