Greenglade Elder

Greenglade Elder Card Image

Card Stats

  • Region Ionia
  • Expansion Foundations
  • Rarity Common
  • Cost 3
  • Attack 3
  • Health 1

Card Text

When I'm summoned, grant all allies in hand +1|+1.


Burst - Burst spells resolve instantly. The enemy can't act before it finishes.

Elusive - Can only be blocked by an Elusive unit.

Enlightened - You're Enlightened when you have 10 max mana.

Ephemeral - This unit dies when it strikes or when the round ends.

Fast - Fast spells can be played at any time, but allow the opponent to respond.

Imbue - These abilities trigger when you resolve a spell.

Lifesteal - Damage this unit deals heals its Nexus that amount.

Quick Attack - While attacking, strikes before its blocker.

Recall - Return a unit to hand and remove all effects applied to it.

Round End - Get this effect when the round ends.

Stun - Remove a unit from combat. It can't attack or block for the rest of the round.

Support - Attacking with a support unit will buff the unit to its right.

Flavor Text

Ionian knowledge is outlined in the written word, but it is the tales and teachings of Ionia's venerated elders that give ancient text new life.

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