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call me Kevin if my name is too long! I'm a really big Hearthstone Fan, I've been playing Hearthstone since The Curse of Naxxramus Expansion. Out of the 9 classes my favorite class is Warlock (First hero I got Golden in!) I love the Variety of playstyle that Warlock has, I've also loved the idea of Cards that are powerful but comes with a Price....  I joined Out of Cards Specifically when I found that some really awesome Staff from another Hearthstone site would be running it. I love the work and detail they do when making Forums and Posts You can really see the Quality they bring to the table. I try to post often (especially during card reveal season) and give insight on how I feel the Power level of the card is. My highest Rank achieved is Rank 3 (I've always got close to legend but it's a lot of work to climb) Feel free to reply to anything I post I love talking about this Game and interacting with others about it!

My current Profile Picture is Abyssal Enforcer

the artist name is Luke Mancini if you want to check out his work!


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