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    Posted 4 years, 4 months ago
    Quote From RavenSunHS
    Quote From iWatchUSleep

    The thing is that the majority of big priest players don't visit any forums because they most likely don't know how to read. So good luck getting an answer from them.


    As i akready wrote tons of times, i am pretty sure the main traits loved by BP players are:

    1) extreme abuse of synergies, to the point of the feeling of cheating.

    2)connected to #1, knowing you are playing a deck that upsets people: it's like trolling in a forum.

    3)almost no decision making in key moves: the player is never really responsible of their losses. Highroll is.

    If one likes BP, they like at least one of the above traits, more probably all of them. None of them is virtuous. All of them are toxic. Even in Wild.

    None of the above justifies the deck staying at average winrates.

    ALL of the above are normally the definition of MEME DECK (t4 in the very best case).

    So now you can judge how much a deck should win based on moral? 

    While I not think it should be left untouched your post is more toxic than any big priest player.


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    Posted 4 years, 5 months ago

    I not feel like they need to be more powerfull.

    Let's not be naive and think on why you want a new hero power at first....


    People will try to make synergy around it and have more options will generate competition.

    In other words running a card to have a different hero power is reasonable trade just by the fact of it not be the normal one.


    It really not needs to be more powerfull to justify a card on the deck.

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    Posted 4 years, 5 months ago

    Now a question.


    Why you need A answer?

    Why you're entitled to answer with 1 card what your opponent did with his entire deck? 


    There are decent answers that enable you to continue the game like MC tech.

    What not exists is a answer that just wins on spot and such answer should not exist.

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    Posted 4 years, 5 months ago

    Actually there are some stuff that people are not understanding here.


    1. Baku and genn  were more about odd/even restriction than about hero power upgrade.

    That restriction is basically what made the cards impossible to tweak in any meaningfull way.


    2.We not want those extra stuff on standard forever. The less stuff we have at standard forever the better it is.

    In other words as a player I want basic hero powers to be the only evergreen hero powers.

    If they return is better to be as start of game cards due to this.

    3. Baku and genn was a recent thing. 

    Don't expect to make people be rational about it and understand the points above in the first try.

    While it is important to learn what happened and to tell it. Not insist on it. This is just recent and many people still to salty about it to even think.

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    Posted 4 years, 5 months ago

    You want a real answer or a fantasy about a perfect world were everything is perfect? 


    There are a feel ways and all involve create powerfull strategies.

    You could unnerf Raza for example.

    While it was really powerfull the nerf was arbitrary and did not consider that it is good for wild in the long term that powerfull decks get a decent skill ceiling.

    Wild metagame not moves fast and sometimes stop for a long time.

    So you need alternative ways to change it like put big learning curves for example. That way people change but cards not and it still produce meta shifts.