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    Quote From AngryShuckie

    Its a pretty damn minor discourtesy. If I see the pandaria card back I think: cool, this guy's been here from the start like me. Nothing more, and that's as prestigious as monthly card backs get. Seeing a few more Rag card backs won't make be feel spited for having actually been around in season 12.

    The key point here is that we didn't do anything significant to earn these card backs; they were just time-gated. And given we went to so little effort to get them, I see no reason to be snobbish about who has them.

    It isn't exactly pretty minor.


    Pretty minor is when you acknowledge it and do something about.

    Act like it is no problem to older players not get the event main reward is when it reaches me.

    It would obviously return someday but if they really wanna go with this just go at every account with it and give said people a pack or something like that.

    Just to say....


    Thank you for support us all those years.


    It isn't about the cardback for me. It is about the total lack of consideration about those who already have the cardback.