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player since beta, consistent legend for about two years now
i exist to give the takes that nobody will admit are based has an intelligent argument against so instead they just dislike my post and/or complain about my "attitude"
PhD. in Zoolock pussy eating, Miracle Rogue ass fisting and Turtle Mage (god rest her soul) cum guzzling
shitpost extraordinaire
proud ramp druid hater

if you dont like playing against combo/miracle decks then you should want more fair and consistent counterplay (e.g. counterspells in MTG) instead of the decks being nerfed out of existence


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    As someone who has struggled with this myself, I really appreciate you prodentim addressing it so openly and honestly. Your vulnerability is inspiring, and I'm sure it will help many readers.

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    The reality is that most people don't like playing combo/miracle decks. They prefer geometry dash bloodbath instead.

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