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    Posted 2 years, 9 months ago
    Quote From agentmcr
    CardID or NameBADCARDNAMEQuote From anchorm4n

    I agree that redirecting Fatigue damage is a huge part of the problem. My favorite solution for the whole Seedlock issue would be the widely popular idea to make Tamsin share damage dealt to your hero on your turn with your opponent (like her voiceline suggests as well). If the Fatigue aspect doesn't get changed but the (Wild) meta somehow slows down after the next round of nerfs, I'll try a "fun" version with Void Contract :D

    Sharing the damage sounds like an elegant solution. Should solve some Wild issues too.

    I kind of like that too.  My main question would be is it a straight copy of damage?  As in the Warlock uses Tap, draws a card, and both players take 2 damage?  Or is it more like using Tap both players take 1 damage?  If it is the second one, would something like 3 damage from Raise Dead give the 2 damage to the opponent since it can't split into halves?  Honestly I think either would be an interesting solution to at least try.  At least then it's not just "vomit self damage cards into play" after the Tamsin is played.  Might require a little more thought to continue managing your own HP.

    I'd also like it if the damage to advance the quest had to come from the Warlock's "Hero Power or cards."  I was having fun with Shadowed Spirit in my Shadow Priest build until I realized it was basically a dead card against QL Warlocks who benefited from killing it and taking the deathrattle damage on their turn.

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    Posted 4 years, 11 months ago

    Honestly, this card seems more of a nuisance to me in Arena than it does in Constructed.  And in Arena it's used more for the intended purpose, not just on various Giants or other big minions.  I guy played it on turn 5 yesterday on me, killing off a 4 cost minion to get two of them and honestly it won the damn game because he got two good 4 drops out of it.

    But I think the main reason this bothers me more in Arena is that I can't guarantee I will have the tools to deal with it, while I might have a way to deal with flooding the board in Constructed (depending on the class/deck I'm playing).  It might also feel this way to me because I honestly am not encountering too many Mages right now as I dilly dally around Rank 8-5 lately. I hear they are all over the Legend ranks... I wonder how so many Mage players are reaching legend... ???  :)

    When this card goes to Wild only in just under 2 years it's still going to have a small card pool at 12 with a smaller chance of hitting the Horror, and a pretty decent 10 drop pool, the worst of which is C'Thun.  Which, if you're playing a C'Thun Mage and Calling into a C'Thun it will summon at whatever you've buffed your C'Thun up to!

    Ultimately it may need to be dealt with, but not sure it's necessary immediately.

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