I hope everyone is doing well adjusting to new schedules and work from home configurations due to the Coronavirus pandemic. It's been a challenge, to say the least! I think right now games are more relevant than ever, just to help us all keep our sanity. Today I want to spotlight a deck from one of the top streamers for Legends of Runeterra, MegaMogwai. If you're looking for something fast and fun, then look no further!

Early Plays

Astute Academic is basically a 2/2 (starting at turn 2), who can block. This gives a little more flexibility over something like Legion Rearguard. Another early drop will be Draven's Biggest Fan, which is so important to ensure that you get Draven out on turn 3.

Astute Academic Card Image    Draven's Biggest Fan Card Image

Fuel for the Fire

There are quite a few options in this deck that will allow you to discard, but possibly the most important one is Spinning Axe. This is why it's so important to get Draven on the board early. This will allow you to toss cards like Flame Chompers!, Jury-Rig, and Vision for maximum effect.

Spinning Axe Card Image

Why Won't You Die?!

If you're looking for a finisher to nudge your opponent's Nexus into oblivion, then you'll be happy to see Mystic Shot or Get Excited!.

Mystic Shot Card Image  Get Excited! Card Image

The Deck