Yesterday and today Riot released several videos to entice new players to discover the world of Runeterra. They contain some amazing animation and it looks like we'll be seeing similar stuff for each region! One of the developers, DyQuill, had this to say about the surge of media and what to expect in the coming weeks.

Quote From DyQuill
We've got a few different types of videos coming out over the coming weeks, which are intended to market LoR to various kinds of players (including those who haven't tried or even heard of it yet), but there's one kind in particular worth calling out.

We on the LoR team have spent years playing card games… which means we've also spent years trying to convince our friends to play card games. And we would have killed for some videos that showed off what was cool about the different factions / styles / strategies. Especially when you have that one friend who can't get enough of sacking stuff and you know they would absolutely love Shadow Isles if they would just play a couple games Justin.

So hopefully these videos are good at helping us and you convince certain people to try out LoR, in addition to being good entry points for players that don't know much about the game yet.

And this too...

Quote From DyQuill
Big shoutout to the IP team for making these sweet videos happen! The Tales are awesome vignettes for anyone who loves the League of Legends universe, but we're very grateful to the IP team for working with us to include these as part of LoR's launch marketing.

Lux Champion Showcase

Demacia Region Showcase

Tales of Runeterra: Demacia "Before Glory"