Twitch Prime has partnered up with Riot to offer some nice rewards in Legends of Runeterra.

If you're a Twitch Prime member (through Amazon Prime) you can redeem an offer that includes:

  • 1 Champion Wildcard
  • 1 Epic Wildcard
  • 1 Rare Wildcard
  • 1 Expedition Draft Token

This offer is available for the next month with one more on their way in the future.

Looks great, especially for players that are just getting into the game! This is the third month this promotion is going to be offered with a total of four months of loot (one more remaining) - that's a lot of stuff! If you aren't currently a Twitch Prime subscriber, you can get a free trial if you've never been a member of Prime before or start a new subscriptionDisclaimer: Amazon links in this post are affiliate links.

Quote From Twitch Prime

Step 1: After you've linked your accounts, log into the Legends of Runeterra launcher
Step 2: Go to your Store tab and click on cards. You should have 1 champion, 1 epic, and 1 rare card
Step 3: For your expedition run, go to your Play tab and click expeditions. When you click Embark, you will have 1 expedition token to use.
NOTE: The cards and expedition run are available for Legends of Runeterra accounts excluding those on the following servers: Thailand, Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Singapore/Malaysia, Taiwan, and all servers in China.

Runeterra Twitch Prime FAQ

We've included the most important parts of the full FAQ.

Quote From Twitch Prime

What is included in this offer?

For each of the four (4) monthly promotions, accounts that have a valid Twitch Prime membership + Legends of Runeterra account will receive a free Champion Wildcard, Expedition Token, Rare Wildcard and Epic Wildcard.

How do I get my content?

Log in to Legends of Runeterra after claiming the offer and your free content will be credited to your account to use.

Can I link different Twitch Prime accounts to my Legends of Runeterra account and claim each offer multiple times?

No, each offer can only be applied to one account. Each account can only receive one offer.

What happens to my content if I no longer have a Prime membership or my free trial expires?

Once you claim your content, all content that is delivered to your game is yours to keep, subject to any Legends of Runeterra rules or policies that apply to the content.

Will my content be available in all game regions that I play in?

Content is granted to a single Legends of Runeterra account on a single region.