Kirby’s Dream Buffet Gets Release Date, Along With More Details About the Game

A month ago (nearly to the day), Nintendo announced Kirby’s Dream Buffet. We didn’t know anything about it, only being able to guess it’s a party game. Well, Nintendo released a new trailer earlier today, giving us more information on the game along with a release date of August 17th. Let’s take a look!


We compared the game to Fall Guys in our original announcement, but it looks like we were wrong. It’s actually a 4-player party game, with 3 game modes at launch. All the modes revolve around collecting strawberries, which, while delicious, sadly leaves a lot of cake and other sweets laying around.


The first game mode is Races. This is exactly what it sounds like: you, 3 other players, and 4 Waddle Dees likely controlled by the computer must get to the finish line. On the way, you’ll eat strawberries, which will make you bigger, giving you the ability to break objects, as well as bump into other players and knock them off-course.

kirby race

All the modes also have power-ups, Mario Kart-style, all themed after different fruits. The ones we saw in the trailer were Tornado, letting you sweep up strawberries en masse, Jelly, allowing you to slip trough walls, and Hi-Jump, which makes Kirby… uhm, jump high.


At the end of the course, there are stacks with 50, 30, and 20 Strawberries. Getting one of them will increase your strawberry amount by that much (and you likely can’t get another). Whoever has the most strawberries at the end wins.

kirby end prize


Another self-explanatory one. Compete in mini-games against up to 3 other players and get as many Strawberries as you can. We don’t exactly know what the mini-games are, but most seem to be about running around in close spaces.

kirby pie minigame

Battle Royale

No, this is not 100 different Kirbies going after one another. It’s still up to 4-players, and you still get strawberries, but this time you must knock your opponent off the stage. When you do, you’ll get to eat all the strawberries they ate… It’s not as gross as it sounds. This mode looks to be the one where your size matters most.

kirby battle royale

Cosmetics and Multiplayers

The game lets you customize your Kirby. You can give it a costume (aka a hat) and change its color. There are also Character Treats, various small and flat sweets with Kirby characters on them that can be used as pedestals at the starting line in Races. You’ll unlock these by eating as many strawberries as possible, which is also how you unlock stages.

kirby stages

The game can be played in 2-player co-op, with each player only needing one Joycon, in 4-player Local Wireless Play among your Switches (no information in the trailer if any of them work docked), or Online.

What do you think of Kirby’s Dram Buffet? Can you play it without craving any sweets? Let us know down below!