MTG's JumpStart, which was announced earlier this year, is finally releasing and coming to MTG Arena this week!

The set is the best parts of constructed and limited formats being fused together into one product. With JumpStart, you'll open up a couple of specialized booster packs and merge them together to create a deck that is instantly playable. There are 46 different themed boosters with 121 different lists of cards spread throughout them. Here's how it's all going to work in MTG Arena since we won't be buying booster boxes.

  • A limited-time event runs starting July 16 and ending August 16.
  • The entry fee into the event is 400 Gems or 2000 Gold.
  • You'll enter and choose a theme out of a selection of 3. You'll repeat this process a second time.
  • You may resign at any time to pick new bundles of cards to play with, retiring your current deck.
  • All cards you get from the bundles go into your collection, including the unique lands.
  • JumpStart cards are all Historic legal.