Runeterra's Live Design Lead, Steve "RubinZoo" Rubin, acknowledged on Twitter that Twisted Fate is outperforming and is probably due for some adjustments. He specifically cited Stress Testing, the new P&Z spell from the Aphelios Champion Expansion which can draw an additional card when combined with either Rummage or Pick a Card, as the root cause behind his recent success.

Quote From RubinZoo

Great games this weekend in @PlayRuneterra  Seasonal, congrats to @MajiinBaeLoR for slaying Americas!

Stress Testing is certainly the straw that broke the camel's back on Twisted Fate and we'll be looking into adjustments for him.

Twisted Fate Card Image Stress Testing Card Image

Twisted Fate has certainly been a prolific champion choice both on ladder and in the recent season tournaments; he is a critical component of the TF/Fizz Burblefish deck, the TF/Aphelios Temple deck, and the still-pretty-good TF Go Hard decks. In last weekend's Seasonal Tournaments, only 6 out of the 32 NA participants didn't bring a TF deck, and out of Final 8 all but one had TF (shout out to Chomi!).

RubinZoo didn't comment at all about what exactly he was thinking about changing or when these changes could go live. It is worth noting that the upcoming balance patches are 2.3.0 (this week's expansion release) and 2.5.0 (expected Wednesday, March 31st), so unless something is squeezed into either this week's patch it will be almost April until we see these changes implemented.

What are your thoughts on the state of Twisted Fate? What (if anything) would you change? Share below!