Summer Game Fest Day 3: Xbox + Bethesda Games Showcase Live Recap

We’re back with another live recap, this time for the Xbox + Bethesda livestream! While this showcase was initially hosted at E3, then took place as a standalone event, it has now migrated to be part of Summer Game Fest. We’re expecting some big news about Starfield, Halo: Infinite and maybe, just maybe, Elder Scrolls VI.


  • New from Bethesda, Arkane Austin.
  • Something’s going on at a chuch, there’s blood and the pastor’s gone missing.
  • It’s a shooter, looks creepy yet the gun is pink and has stickers.
  • Floating monster in the attic. Turns out it’s a… half-werewolf man in his 20s?
  • More of these things show up. “Jacob” also shows up and disintegrates someone.
  • Greetings from Redfall – undoubtedly the city the game takes place in.
  • Enemies are vampires. There’s also cultists.
  • The town is on an island.
  • Remi de la Rosa – engineer, most likely playable.
  • Layla Ellison – Telekinetic Threat in Student Debt.
  • Seems to be a co-op shooter where every player has different abilities.
  • Door that goes somewhere mysterious – into a “collective consciousness”. Could be procedurally-generated?
  • “Stay Alone or Squad Up”.
  • Weapons, upgrades UI.
  • Coming 2023 ob XBOX, PC and ‘the cloud’.

Hollow Knight: Silksong

High on Life

  • Console launch exclusive.
  • Developed by Squanch Games.
  • Morty’s voicing this one.
  • Lots of disgusting monsters. Talking fish.
  • High on Life, coming October 2022 on Xbox, PC and the cloud.

Sarah Bond Enters The Stage

  • She says things like “something we’ve never done before”, “iconic team”, plugging Xbox Game Pass.
  • Marc Merrill, president of games at Riot Games is talking.
  • LoL, Wild Rift, Valorant, Runeterra, Teamfight Tactics coming to Game Pass.
  • Unlock all LoL heroes while you’ve got Game Pass. Other games are also getting similar perks.
  • Promotional trailer for all Riot Games games coming to Game Pass.

A Plague Tale: Requiem

  • Developed by Asobo Studios, Focus Entertainment
  • Bunch of kids walking around. Seems to be A Plague Tale: Requiem again.
  • Alicia killing a bunch of people, sneaking around, lighting people on fire, pushing them into swarms of rats.

Forza Motorsport

  • Cars. Sounds of cars. “Car game music”.
  • It’s another Forza Motorsport.
  • Coming 2023. This one is not labeled with a number, because of course it’s not. Should be the eighth in the series.
  • New [old] track: Maple Valley.
  • Fully-dynamic time of day. Starting to believe this is just a remaster for the new console.
  • Gameplay showcase of a race.
  • A 48x improvement in the fidelity of physics simulation.
  • The ground honestly looks amazing – made through 3D rendering and photorealistic… photo-capture technology.
  • They’re talking about the vegetation a lot.
  • Dynamic weather system available on every track.
  • Changes in time of day also affect temperature, which affects grip on the track.
  • Added depth in car-building.
  • Advanced materials and shaders. Everything looks shiny. Complex self-reflection, ray-tracing.
  • Car damage is reproduced down to the individual scratches. The paint peels away at exposed and raised edges.
  • “Cars reflecting onto other cars”.

Microsoft Flight Simulator

  • Introducing helicopters, gliders.
  • Things are flying. Microsoft Flight Simulator.
  • 40th anniversary celebration, coming in November 2022.
  • Coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator: THE GODDAMN HALO PELICAN. Take my money! Free add-on available today.

Overwatch 2

  • Tracer shows up.
  • “A New Era Begins”.
  • Free to play.
  • People getting arctic weather jackers.
  • Early access on October 4th.
  • New hero: Lady with an axe. A “wastelander”. Interesting hair choice.
  • She’s fighting the Junker King.
  • We don’t have a name for her yet.

ARA: History Untold

  • New turn-based strategy game.
  • Trailer voided by Shorheh Aghdashloo.
  • Historical game.
  • ARA: History Untold.
  • Join the insider program today.

Pete Hines in the House

  • Pete does a quick recap on what we’ve just seen.
  • New trailer for Elder Scrolls Online: High Isle, coming out June 21.
  • Fallout turning 21 this year. Fallout 76 new expedition: The Pitt, coming this September.

Forza Horizon 5

  • Forza turns into Hot Wheels.
  • Available July 19. Actual collaboration with Hot Wheels.


  • A dodo! Munching on a rotten hand with an electrical device.
  • Bigger and bigger dinosaurs. ARK 2?
  • Vin Diesel shows up on the dinosaur. Yep, ARK 2, coming 2023.
  • Fun fact: Vin Diesel is part of the development team for ARK 2.


  • Super disgusting space. Someone’s got a juicy tentacle in their belly.
  • Looks reminiscent of the Necris maps in Unreal Tournament 3.
  • Coming October 22.

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn

  • A game by A44.
  • There’s pestilence, thanks to ‘the gods’.
  • She kills skeletons and she’s got what looks to be a cute fox pet.
  • She’s got an axe and a gun.
  • She combines with the fox for an aerial dash.
  • Big bugs, giant knights.
  • Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn, coming early 2023.

Minecraft: Legends

  • Developed by Mojang, but maybe not Minecraft?
  • It’s Minecraft, or some form of it.
  • Well-shaded trailer, almost makes you forget how the base game looks.
  • Little spirit that builds a house for you.
  • Minecraft: Legends. A new action strategy game coming 2023.

Lightyear: Frontier

  • Space. But not for long! You just crash-landed on some place. A vibrant planet.
  • Gather resources from the comfortable confines of your mech-suit.
  • It sort of seems like the purpose of the game is to make an honest livin’ farming on some planet.
  • Lightyear: Frontier, coming spring 2023.

Gunfire Reborn

  • It’s all pets.
  • 4-player co-op. Roguelite action.
  • Gunfire Reborn, coming October 2022.

The Last Case of Benedict Fox

  • An old-timey car rushing across hills. Arrives at mansion.
  • It’s spooky. There’s a spooky voice.
  • Character finds his dad (dead).
  • 3D sidescrolling platformer. Lots of tentacles, teeth, and evil purpleness.
  • Coming 2023.

As Dusk Falls

  • Interactive experience all levels of players can enjoy.
  • This game was already revealed on Friday. This seems to be… the same thing again.
  • Solo or multiplayer, up to 8 players.
  • Coming July 19.

Naraka: Bladepoint

  • Console launch exclusive.
  • Naraka: Bladepoint. Battle royale.
  • Cross-play enabled.
  • New campaign mode.
  • June 23, 2022. Included with Game Pass on launch.


  • Takes place in a time when the average lifespan was 25. Everyone looks like they smell.
  • A narrative adventure from Obsidian Entertainment.
  • Out November 22.


  • Disgustingly detailed mosquito.
  • Another one from Obsidian Entertainment.
  • Hey, it’s the one from last year with the teenagers that became ant-sized!
  • Survive the yard against terrifying insects, treacherous wastelands.
  • There’s lots of lasers.
  • Game preview is over.
  • Full release of Grounded in September.

Ereban: Shadow Legacy

  • Searching for Helios. We’ve been here before.
  • Coming 2023.

Diablo 4

  • Furry creature eating the carcass of some poor soul.
  • What looks like Diablo’s Necromancer enters the scene.
  • She’s resurrecting the corpse. This is definitely some Diablo.
  • She, uh, decapitates the dude she just resurrected. Seems a bit of a waste.
  • Necromancer joins Diablo 4 as the final class for launch.
  • Gameplay showcase. There was a blood wave. Lovely.
  • Turn into an ice block and freeze surrounding enemies.
  • Reclaim Strongholds. They become a friendly town.
  • Fully-enabled cross-play on PC and Xbox.
  • Dedicated PvP zones.
  • Endgame: New items, new dungeons, Paragon passive tree.
  • Coming 2023.

Sea of Thieves

  • Get ships, name them however you want, decorate them!
  • Use new cash-in points to sell loot with ease.
  • Season 7 coming out July 21st.


  • Developed by Cococumber Games.
  • This little girl just got pulled into a mirror. She’s in a fantasy world now.
  • There’s a crazy mix of art-styles here.
  • Ravenlok, coming 2023.


  • Console launch exclusive.
  • A light comes down from the sky, hits a canyon pillar, activates a walnut.
  • Walnut births… you?
  • Isometric platformer. Move orbs around to solve puzzles.
  • Yep, it’s all about the orbs. Orbs within orbs within orbs.
  • Spooky bad man outside of the orbverse.
  • Coming 2023.

Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty

  • Lots of gross insects.
  • People being murdered by other people in some pagoda village on fire.
  • Huge monsters. Giant dragon.
  • Wo Long: Fallen Dynasty.
  • Coming 2023.

Phil Specter In Da House

  • He’s ‘thrilled’ to bring Wo Long to Game Pass day one.
  • Returning to Xbox from ATLUS: The worldwide RPG phenomenon. Persona 3, Persona 4, Persona 5 coming on all the still relevant Xboxes.
  • Persona 5 coming late this year.
  • A special partnership announcement between Xbox and…
  • Hideo Kojima!
  • They’re working on a completely new game that Hideo’s been wanting to make for a long time.
  • We’ll know about it ‘in the future’.
  • Kojima Productions x Xbox Game Studios.
  • He’s talking about Bethesda now. Starfield when?
  • Extended first look!


  • Starts with a quite from Anatole France. Classy.
  • “Space wonder theme” music plays.
  • The man. The legend. Todd Howard enters the stage.
  • “Our most ambitious game ever”. I keep hearing that.
  • Gameplay reveal starts. You arrive on the mysterious moon of Kreet.
  • May 7, 2330 (hopefully not release date)
  • Seems to be a sulphurous wasteland.
  • There’s a mech friend!
  • Scan nearby thing: It’s a dust root.
  • Creepy crustaceans roam this land.
  • Survey the environment for resources. Then laser drill them.
  • There’s a research lab here, occupied by Crimson Fleet pirates.
  • Time to gear up. Player switches to weapon.
  • Crouches. Stealth is going to be a component.
  • These level 2 pirates don’t seem too dangerous.
  • There’s a sci-fi shotgun.
  • Open closed cases with the “Digipick”. Seems to indeed be Skyrim in space.
  • Exits to a balcony and a pirate ship lands nearby.
  • After some initial encounters, you’re invited to join Constellation, the last group of space explorers. They live in New Atlantis on the planet Jemison.
  • The people of New Atlantis look like regular people, which is a fresh sight to see when so many games come up with the most ridiculous haircuts for “future people”.
  • You can also sign up with the Crimson Fleet pirates.
  • Lots of different monsters. Huge dinosaurs. Gravity-defying artifacts.
  • Their most flexible character creation yet. Biometric ID, body, face, background (bounty hunter, bouncer??), traits (extrovert, neon street rat, kid) that give different advantages.
  • Physical, social, combat, science and tech skill trees.
  • Deep crafting systems: Research projects, weapon mods.
  • Build your own outposts. Seems to be very modular and easy to set up.
  • Hire characters to keep your outposts maintained.
  • You can also build your own spaceships. Choose crewmembers. Completely customize the look and layout.
  • Engines, shields, weapon systems. Get all that figured out because you can also fly the ship.
  • Cue footage of player just faffing about in orbit when suddenly, these damn pirates warp in.
  • Yup, there’s space battles.
  • Fields of giant asteroids. Space stations. Docking between ships (presumably to loot).
  • You can land and explore anywhere on any planet, in over a hundred systems. Over 1000 planets to fully explore.
  • Coming 2023.

That’s all for the Xbox + Bethesda showcase! Join us as we recap the PC gamer show which starts in less than an hour!