A brand new Selection Pack, Invincible Raid, has been added to the game, bringing with it the Beetrooper and Dinomorphia archetypes to the game. It also adds support for the D/D, Nordic, Crystal Beast, Ursarctic, Ogdoadic, and Magnet Warrior archetypes. Let's take a look at each of them and see what's new!

The majority of the archetypes in this article are already in the game, and as such can be obtained through Secret Packs. We recommend spending your Gems on those if you want to play with any archetype that wasn't introduced in Invincible Raid. To learn how Secret Packs work, check out our dedicated guide.


Beetrooper Sting Lancer Card Image Ultra Beetrooper Absolute Hercules Card Image Giant Beetrooper Invincible Atlas Card Image

Our first brand new archetype is composed of insects in knightly armor riding on top of larger insects. This archetype is focused on swarming the field with Insect-type Monsters and building up towards their big boss monsters, like Ultra Beetrooper Absolute Hercules and Giant Beetrooper Invincible Atlas.

Beetrooper Sting LancerEffect MonsterURNEW
Beetrooper Scout BuggyEffect MonsterRNEW
Beetrooper Scale BomberEffect MonsterRNEW
Ultra Beetrooper Absolute HerculesFusion MonsterURNEW
Giant Beetrooper Invincible AtlasLink MonsterURNEW
Beetrooper Armor HornLink MonsterSRNEW
Beetrooper LandingNormal SpellNNEW
Beetrooper DescentNormal SpellSRNEW
Beetrooper FormationField SpellRNEW
Beetrooper SquadNormal TrapRNEW

In addition to the cards listed here, there are 4 more: Beetrooper Light Flapper, Beetrooper Assault Roller (R), Heavy Beetrooper Mighty Neptune (SR), and Beetrooper Fly & Sting (SR). These cards are unavailable in the pack, and are instead obtained through their Solo missions, so don't waste your CP crafting them.

Aside from the Beetroopers, the pack also contains a number of cards that support insect monsters, none of which are new.

Resonance InsectEffect MonsterN 
Shinobi Insect HagakureminoLink MonsterN 
Seraphim PapillionLink MonsterSR 
Inzektor PicofalenaLink MonsterSR 
Corrosive ScalesNormal TrapN 


Dinomorphia Therizia Card Image Dinomorphia Kentregina Card Image Dinomorphia Diplos Card Image

The only other new archetype to the game, Dinomorphia, is filled with human with dinosaur-like characteristics. The main strategy of the archetype is to bring the player's life-points to low levels using its numerous Traps, in order to activate powerful effects. If you're planning on making this deck, be aware that one of its boss monsters, Rextrem, is NOT in the pack and will be added later.

Dinomorphia DiplosEffect MonsterNNEW
Dinomorphia TheriziaEffect MonsterURNEW
Dinomorphia KentreginaFusion MonsterURNEW
Dinomorphia StealthbergiaFusion MonsterSRNEW
Dinomorphia AlertNormal TrapRNEW
Dinomorphia BruteNormal TrapNNEW
Dinomorphia DomainNormal TrapURNEW
Imprudent IntrusionNormal TrapNNEW
Dinomorphia ReversionCounter TrapSRNEW
Dinomorphia ShellCounter TrapRNEW
Dinomorphia SonicCounter TrapRNEW

As with Beetroopers, the pack also contains a number of generic Dinosaur support cards for Dinomorphia, none of which are new. It also contains Imprudent Intrusion, which supports the life-reduction aspect of the deck, and is new.

DestroyersaurusEffect MonsterN 
MiscellaneousaurusEffect MonsterSR 
Fossil DigNormal SpellUR 
Jurassic WorldField SpellN 
Extinction on ScheduleNormal TrapN 
Imprudent IntrusionNormal TrapNNEW
Survival of the FittestNormal TrapN 


This one's a little... complicated. The main archetype is actually D/D, with most of its Monsters being inspired by various monsters from mythology, except for the "D/D Savant" cards, which represent important real-life historical figures. Its boss monsters fall under the "D/D/D" sub-archetype, inspired by various real-world conquerors. Lastly, the "Dark Contract" cards make up most of their Spells and Traps.

D/D LamiaEffect MonsterR 
D/D LilithEffect MonsterN 
D/D/D Duo-Dawn King Kali YugaXyz MonsterUR 
D/D/D Deviser King Deus MachinexXyz Pendulum MonsterURNEW
D/D GryphonPendulum MonsterSRNEW
D/D Savant GalileiPendulum MonsterN 
D/D Savant KeplerPendulum MonsterN 
D/D/D Vice King RequiemPendulum MonsterSRNEW
Dark Contract with the GateContinuous SpellSR 
Dark Contract with Patent LicenseField SpellRNEW
Dark Contract with the WitchContinuous TrapN 
D/D/D HeadhuntNormal TrapNNEW


An anime archetype inspired heavily by Norse mythology. The main deck cards fall under the "Nordic" umbrella, with most of the cards in the pack being either "Nordic Beast" Monsters or "Nordic Relic" Spells and Traps. You can only get about a third of the cards the archetype has access to in-game from this pack. The only boss monster included in this pack is Odin, with the other two being Thor and Loki.

Garmr of the Nordic BeastsEffect MonsterN 
Nordic Beast GullinburstiEffect MonsterSRNEW
Nordic Smith IvaldiEffect MonsterRNEW
Svartalf of the Nordic AlfarEffect MonsterN 
Tanngnjostr of the Nordic BeastsEffect MonsterN 
Odin, Father of the AesirSynchro MonsterUR 
Nordic Relic HlidskjalfNormal SpellSRNEW
Gleipnir, the Fetters of FenrirNormal TrapSR 
Nordic Relic GungnirNormal TrapN 
Nordic Relic SvalinnContinuous TrapRNEW

Crystal Beasts

Our second anime archetype on the list, this one filled with animals combined with various precious gems. This deck focuses on filling your board with the titular Crystal Beasts, who have the ability to be placed in the Spell and Trap zone when destroyed, in order to summon their boss monster, Rainbow Dragon, or one of its variants, Dark or Overdragon. The only new card in the pack is Crystal Beast Rainbow Dragon, which helps you get to the boss monsters easily (though none of the boss monsters are in the pack).

Crystal Beast Amber MammothEffect MonsterN 
Crystal Beast Cobalt EagleEffect MonsterN 
Crystal Beast Rainbow DragonEffect MonsterURNEW
Crystal Beast Sapphire PegasusEffect MonsterR 
Crystal Beast Topaz TigerEffect MonsterN 
Crystal BeaconNormal SpellN 
Rare ValueNormal SpellSR 
Crystal ReleaseEquip SpellR 


An archetype of WATER Beast and Beast-Warrior monsters inspired by the Ursa Major constellation. Most of their monsters have a strong theming around the number 7, with most of their Monsters having either 700 ATK or DEF. They're a Synchro archetype, but their monsters are actually summoned by making sure the Level difference between a Tuner and a non-Tuner Synchro Monster is exactly 7. The pack is lacking quite a number of cards from the archetype. The only new card in the pack is the Continuous Spell Ursarctic Radiation.

Ursarctic MegatanusEffect MonsterN 
Ursarctic MiktanusEffect MonsterN 
Ursarctic Grand ChariotSynchro MonsterSR 
Ursarctic RadiationContinuous SpellRNEW
Ursarctic Quint ChargeNormal TrapN 


A series of LIGHT and DARK Reptile monsters, with each monster having a pair of the opposite attribute. The deck revolves around sending the monsters to the GY and Special Summoning from there. Only one new card, the Continuous Spell Ogdoadic Serpent Strike.

Aleirtt, the Ogdoadic DarkEffect MonsterN 
Amunessia, the Ogdoadic QueenEffect MonsterN 
Aron, the Ogdoadic KingEffect MonsterSR 
Flogos, the Ogdoadic BoundlessEffect MonsterN 
Keurse, the Ogdoadic LightEffect MonsterR 
Zohah, the Ogdoadic BoundlessEffect MonsterN 
Ogdoadic Serpent StrikeContinuous SpellRNEW

Magnet Warrior

Last anime archetype on our list, and it's a blast from the past! The point of this deck is to summon Alpha, Beta, and Gamma to then combine them into Valkyrion the Magna Warrior. The new card in the pack is Epsilon The Magnet Warrior, which should make getting to Valkyrion easier.

Alpha The Magnet WarriorNormal MonsterN 
Beta The Magnet WarriorNormal MonsterN 
Gamma the Magnet WarriorNormal MonsterN 
Valkyrion the Magna WarriorEffect MonsterR 
Epsilon The Magnet WarriorEffect MonsterNNEW


There's also a number of cards in the pack that are not affiliated with any of the other archetypes presented here. All of these cards are new to Master duel.

Epigonen, the Impersonation InvaderEffect MonsterSRNEW
Shining PiecephiliaEffect MonsterRNEW
Darton the Mechanical MonstrosityEffect MonsterRNEW
Night Sword SerpentEffect MonsterRNEW
Guardian ChimeraFusion MonsterURNEW
Apex PredationNormal TrapURNEW

What do you think of Invincible Rain? Are you excited for Dinomorphia and Beetroopers? Let us know down below!