We've got a new Structure Deck coming to the game. Spellbook of Prophecy makes use of the two archetypes in its name, Spellbook and Prophecy, in order to summon high-level Spellcaster Monsters and win the game with them. We don't have a full list yet, but we know the following cards will be part of the deck:

Another card that's coming with the deck is Spellbook of Judgment. This card was previously Forbidden, but is now Limited in Master Duel (check out our dedicated article for more information). It is still Forbidden in the TCG, while also being limited in the OCG. The card is uncraftable and can only be obtained through this deck.

Spellbook of Prophecy will release on the 20th of September, and will likely cost 500 Gems and be purchasable up to 3 times, like the other Structure Decks in the shop.

Are you excited for this Structure Deck? What do you think of the Spellbook archetype? Let us know in the comments below!