Or should it be "merging successfully"?

Update: The Carnage pixel avatar has been distributed to all eligible players! Don't forget to claim it from your Inbox via mobile clients, especially if you are playing mainly on PC. More details below.

The first live event of Marvel Snap's global launch - sharing the name with the current season of Symbiote Invasion - wrapped up its ongoing team competition the other day. You might've blinked and missed it, as there was hardly any downtime between the end of that particular community clash, and the start of another symbiote-themed event designed to celebrate the spirit of Halloween

The growing advantage of the winning team - sided with Carnage - was pretty much telegraphed for the better part of the week, and with the way everything was going, the chance for any last minute upsets seemed incredibly slim. Sure enough, things ultimately went down just as expected: although the final tally of scores was only available for a very brief period of time, and the promised Avatar reward has yet to make it into our collection. Which provides us with something more to talk about.

Carnage Card ImageOn Reveal: Destroy your other cards here. +2 Power for each destroyed. Venom Card ImageOn Reveal: Destroy your other cards at this location. Add their Power to this card.

Team Carnage VS Team Venom

Over the first few days, Venom followers had just about managed to establish a small lead. But by the halfway point, the balance had already started shifting rather considerably. And once we reached the final mark, it wasn't even that close. 

Of course, none of us had any say in the first place as to which symbiote side we would've liked to pick. Which led to some awkward situations where certain fans of Venom were hesitant to contribute their snacks in greater quantities due to the game assigning them to the "wrong team", or vice versa. All because people hoped to get a specialized avatar of their favorite character. However, it's unlikely these odd instances had any meaningful bearing on the ultimate results - anyone playing as they normally would have still ended up contributing via acquired Cubes; at most they might not've claimed some of the bonus daily quests. For their part, the developers at Second Dinner had a good reason for handling everything as they have. But perhaps that won't always be the case:

Quote From Stephen Jarrett
We randomly selected teams in the event to ensure the teams are balanced. Thanks for your feedback! We will keep it in mind for future events.

Most of us here on the staff were thrown with the black, *slightly* less murderous symbiote (as you might be able to tell by the background on the images), but apparently our powers combined haven't amounted to a whole lot. Even running around shouting "We Are Venom!" did not seem to help any (not that anyone would have actually done so... I think). I know my own contribution was only in the ballpark of 1000 snacks - Marvel Snap matches might go by fairly quick, but we could all use a lot more hours in the day to accomodate diligent Snapping.

Event Rewards

It took a good week before the event reward could've been redistributed to all eligible players (localization requirements and such), but now it's here! Do not forget to claim it from your Inbox within a week, especially if you mainly play the game on PC via Steam: as the feature is only available on mobile clients for the time being. If you wait for too long, Carnage will simply munch on the tasty treat and you will be left with nothing. 

You can customize your in-game Avatars by clicking on the portrait icon featured at the top center of the Main User Interface screen. They'll always show up while battling other players! The recent patch has added some improvements there by also displaying character logos and not just images. Just in case you didn't know how Carnage looks like; but don't let the symbiote know that.

Oh so pixelated.

Disclaimer: We have updated and hidden the previous section of this article in order to avoid confusion, seeing as it's now partially outdated with the Avatar reward being delivered to all players. But you can still find out what led up to this moment with just a click.

Carnage Avatar and Symbiote Event - Past Details and Player Eligibility

Okay, but where was our special Carnage Avatar all this time? Following the conclusion of the event, this seems to have been the most common question across all social media relevant to Marvel Snap. One with a fairly simple answer, as it happens: it was still on the way. Worry not, no active participant should miss out on their reward (players who haven't even chosen a side will apparently not belong to this category, alas). 

Quote From Stephen Jarrett
It’s coming soon. We have to localize the message before it can be sent out. All participating players should receive it in the next few days.

Presumably this will work just like every other in-game reward thus far: delivered straight to our Inboxes. Which, let us remind you, is currently a mobile only feature. Just don't be too surprised if there isn't anything happening over the weekend.

Also, for maximum clarity: this is meant to be a Pixel Avatar of Carnage that you could use as your portrait for in-game battles and the main menu, not a card art Variant. We don't know exactly how it's going to look like - this is different from the Carnage Avatar you can currently unlock on level 12 of the premium Symbiote Invasion Season Pass.

Quote From Stephen Jarrett
Yes it is a Carnage pixel avatar

Giving out specific character cards wouldn't really make much sense in this instance: while Carnage belongs to the Pool 1 of Marvel Snap cards and is likely already in most people's collection, Venom awaits further away in Pool 3 - which, depending on your random unlock order, could be anywhere from Collection Level 486 to well over 3000.

Symbiote Tips of the Day

Since this also happened to be the first live event since Marvel Snap's global launch on October 18, the developers from Second Dinner chose it as an opportunity to share a handful of tips with everyone new to the Multiverse. They are all pretty basic, and if you've been playing a fair amount and checking out various guides, there's no particular revelations to be found. Nonetheless, we've saved them for posterity. Brief and to the point. 


On a side note, the event's namesake Symbiote Invasion season continues until November 8 (so it won't end on "the first Tuesday of the month" this time around). This has been done to accomodate the vast majority of the players joining the Multiverse with the global launch, as everyone already participating in the beta has had a notable headstart. You've still got over a week to climb the ranks and progress on the current Season Pass! 

Which team did you find yourself on, and which symbiote is your favorite? Do you remember how many snacks did you feed to the red or the black side? Let us know what you thought about the event!