As mentioned a few days ago, we have a new Selection Pack in the shop! This one focuses mostly on Pendulum Summoning, adding the Vaylantz archetype to the game and offering support for Performapal, Odd-Eyes and Supreme King decks. Aside from Pendulum cards, the pack also introduces Scareclaw to the game, which is more of a Link deck. Let's get into it!


Hojo the Vaylantz Warrior Card Image Vaylantz Dominator Duke Card Image

This is an archetype of Pendulum Monsters with a very cool gimmick. Basically, each of its two Field Spells Konig Wissen and Shinra Bansho has the ability to play the other in the opponent's Field Zone, and then both players can use their effects. Konig Wissen lets you put your opponent's Monsters in the Spell & Trap zone, while Shinra Bansho lets you Summon your Monster from the Spell & Trap Zone to your field. Basically, it turns the match into a board game, the inspiration for the archetype.

The Monsters are split into two factions: FIRE Machines and WATER Spellcasters. All the Monsters can be Summoned from the Pendulum Zone to the Main Monster Zone, with the Level 2s and 4s restricting your Special Summoning, Level 6s and 8s require you to either control a Vaylantz Monster of the same Attribute or have their respective Field Spell active. All Main Deck Monsters have Pendulum Scale of 1, so you'll either need to use other Pendulum Monsters to Pendulum Summon or get one of their Extra Deck Monsters on the Scale.

Hojo the Vaylantz WarriorPendulum Effect MonsterNNEW
Nazuki the Vaylantz NinjaPendulum Effect MonsterRNEW
Saion the Vaylantz ArcherPendulum Effect MonsterNNEW
Shinonome the Vaylantz PriestessPendulum Effect MonsterSRNEW
Vaylantz Buster BaronPendulum Effect MonsterRNEW
Vaylantz Dominator DukePendulum Effect MonsterNNEW
Vaylantz Mad MarquessPendulum Effect MonsterNNEW
Vaylantz Voltage ViscountPendulum Effect MonsterNNEW
Mamonaka the Vaylantz UnitedPendulum Fusion MonsterURNEW
Vaylantz Genesis Grand DukePendulum Fusion MonsterSRNEW
Vaylantz Wars - The Place of BeginningNormal SpellRNEW
Vaylantz World - Konig WissenFeild SpellURNEW
Vaylantz World - Shinra BanshoFeild SpellURNEW


Scareclaw Tri-Heart Card Image Scareclaw Reichheart Card Image

Introduced in Dimension Force, this archetype is comprised of mostly Beast-Type Monsters, with the Extra Deck Monsters being Beast-Warrior. The archetype is inspired by and named after various real-life phobias, with the exception of the "Heart" Monsters, who seem to depict Reichheart gaining more bestial traits as it transforms into Light-Heart and Tri-Heart. The card Visas Starfrost is also part of this archetype, as it's one of the possible materials for Light-Heart and seems to depict Reichheart before the transformation.

Gameplay-wise, the archetype revolves around being able to Summon Scareclaw Monsters next to each other, with each Main-Deck Monster being able to boost Extra Deck Monsters in some way. The main strategy seems to be swarming the board, going into Tri-Heart, then using its effect to bring back one of the materials used for its Summon and draw another Scareclaw, which can be Summoned immediately. Tri-Heart also has some built-in protection, so keeping it on the board and beating your opponent with it seems to be the main strategy.

Scareclaw AcroEffect MonsterNNEW
Scareclaw AstraEffect MonsterNNEW
Scareclaw BeloneEffect MonsterNNEW
Scareclaw ReichheartEffect MonsterURNEW
Visas StarfrostEffect MonsterURNEW
Scareclaw Light-HeartLink MonsterURNEW
Scareclaw Tri-HeartLink MonsterURNEW
Scareclaw ArrivalNormal SpellRNEW
Primitive Planet ReichphobiaContinuous SpellURNEW
Scareclaw StraddleQuick-Play SpellSRNEW
Scareclaw AlternativeNormal TrapSRNEW
Scareclaw SclashContinuous TrapRNEW

Pendulum Archetypes

Aside from the Vaylantz, the pack comes with a number of Pendulum archetypes, mainly Performapal, Odd-Eyes, and Supreme King. All three of these are linked to Yuya Sakaki, the protagonist of the Yu-Gi-Oh! Ark V anime. We'll give each of these archetypes its own subsection here, as well as have another one for the generic Pendulum cards included.


Performapal BaroKuriboh Card Image Performapal Odd-Eyes Valet Card Image

Performapal KuribohbleNormal MonsterSR 
Performapal BaroKuribohPendulum Effect MonsterSRNEW
Performapal Bot-Eyes LizardPendulum Effect MonsterN 
Performapal ClassiKuribohPendulum Effect MonsterSRNEW
Performapal Duelist ExtraordinairePendulum Effect MonsterSRNEW
Performapal GentrudePendulum Effect MonsterSRNEW
Performapal HandsamuraigerPendulum Effect MonsterR 
Performapal HelpprincessPendulum Effect MonsterN 
Performapal LadyangePendulum Effect MonsterSRNEW
Performapal Miss DirectorPendulum Effect MonsterR 
Performapal Odd-Eyes ButlerPendulum Effect MonsterRNEW
Performapal Odd-Eyes ValetPendulum Effect MonsterSRNEW
Performapal ParrotrioPendulum Effect MonsterR 
Performapal SalutigerEffect MonsterN 
Performapal Seal EelPendulum Effect MonsterN 
Performapal TrampolynxPendulum Effect MonsterR 
Performapal Trump GirlPendulum Effect MonsterN 
Performapal Trump WitchPendulum Effect MonsterN 
Performapal U Go GolemPendulum Effect MonsterN 
Performapal Whim WitchPendulum Effect MonsterN 
Performapal Pinch HelperContinuous TrapN 

Supreme King

Supreme King Z-ARC Card Image The Supreme King's Soul Card Image

Supreme King Dragon DarkwurmPendulum Effect MonsterR 
Supreme King Dragon Odd-EyesPendulum Effect MonsterR 
Supreme King Gate InfinityPendulum Effect MonsterN 
Supreme King Gate ZeroPendulum Effect MonsterN 
Supreme King Z-ARCPendulum Fusion MonsterUR 
Supreme King Dragon Starving VenomFusion MonsterSR 
Supreme King Dragon Clear WingSynchro MonsterR 
Supreme King Dragon Dark RebellionXyz MonsterR 
Supreme RageNormal TrapN 
The Supreme King's SoulNormal TrapURNEW

Odd-Eyes + Generic Pendulum

Odd-Eyes Pendulumgraph Dragon Card Image Patissciel Couverture Card Image

Clock ArcPendulum Effect MonsterN 
Nobledragon MagicianPendulum Effect MonsterN 
Rescue HamsterPendulum Effect MonsterR 
Saambell the Star BonderPendulum Effect MonsterN 
Timebreaker MagicianPendulum Effect MonsterN 
Patissciel CouverturePendulum Fusion MonsterSRNEW
Odd-Eyes Pendulumgraph DragonPendulum Ritual MonsterURNEW
Odd-Eyes Gravity DragonRitual MonsterR 
Beyond the PendulumLink MonsterURNEW
Extra PendulumNormal SpellSRNEW
Pendulum TreasureNormal SpellSR 
Odd-Eyes AdventRitual SpellR 
Pendulum ScaleNormal TrapRNEW
Risebell the SummonerPendulum Normal MonsterN 

Generic/Other Cards

Musical Sumo Dice Games Card Image Omega Judgment Card Image

This section is about cards that are either generic in nature, or are too few for their own section. This includes the three Psychic and two Vylon cards, which help some of the other archetypes included in the pack.

AeropixthreeEffect MonsterN 
Psychic TrackerEffect MonsterN 
Psychic WheelederEffect MonsterSR 
Vylon StellaEffect MonsterN 
Vylon TetraEffect MonsterN 
Wattkinetic PuppeteerEffect MonsterR 
Hyper Psychic RiserSynchro MonsterR 
Musical Sumo Dice GamesXyz MonsterURNEW
PolymerizationNormal SpellN 
Staring ContestContinuous SpellN 
Parallel PanzerEquip SpellN 
Omega JudgmentNormal TrapNNEW
Unending NightmareNormal TrapSU 
Beast King UnleashedContinuous TrapN 
Echo OscillationContinuous TrapN 

What do you think of this Selection Pack? Any archetype catch your eye? Let us know in the comments below!