We have a new Festival coming to Master Duel, and this one is the classic kind, with Medals and no ranking. The Anti-Spell Festival will start on November 16th/17th and lasts until the 28th/29th, depending on your time zone. The event forbids the use of Spell Cards of any kind (Pendulum Monsters are still allowed).

This will be the last Festival of the year, as December will have another Duelist Cup (will bring more attention to it closer to that event). This article will focus on the rewards of the event, with dedicated articles for the Ban List and Loaner Decks to come later.

Event Rewards

As mentioned, the Anti-Spell Festival returns to the Medals system, with players earning Medals both when losing and winning (but not for surrendering). Players will be able to get up to 1900 Gems and 20 Legacy Tickets from the Festival, not counting any earned from missions.

The cosmetic reward, situated at 5500 Medals, is a a field part, which are a pretty rare cosmetic. In this case, we're talking about replacing your Graveyard and Banished zones with ones inspired by Loop of Destruction. It even shoots fire from its segments! Getting the maximum of 22000 Medals will award you with a Festival-specific Title.

The rewards are once again basically split in half, with all the Gems being frontloaded and stopping at 11000 Medals. Everything else is Legacy Tickets and the aforementioned Title. If past trends hold up, and they should, you'll get 500 Medals for each win.

Rewards Breakdown

5050 Gems
10050 Gems
500100 Gems
1000100 Gems
1500100 Gems
2000200 Gems
250050 Gems
300050 Gems
3500100 Gems
400050 Gems
450050 Gems
5000300 Gems
55001 Cosmetic
600050 Gems
700050 Gems
8000200 Gems
900050 Gems
1000050 Gems
11000300 Gems
120002 Ticket
130002 Ticket
140002 Ticket
150002 Ticket
160002 Ticket
170002 Ticket
180002 Ticket
190002 Ticket
200002 Ticket
210002 Ticket
220001 Title

Quote From Konami (in-game notifications)

Notice: "Anti-Spell Festival" Forbidden/Limited List Announcement

The "Anti-Spell Festival" event will take place during the dates listed below.

Duel in the event to gather Medals! The more Medals you get, the more awesome rewards you can earn!

Event Duration

Nov 17 06:00 ~ Nov 29 05:59

Anti—Spell Festival

Will you choose to attack with a strong monster or set a clever Trap?

Match your opponent's tactics and strike a powerful counter attack!

In this event, there will be an exclusive Forbidden/Limited List for the Main Deck and Extra Deck, with the Main Deck being unable to include Spell Cards (*Pendulum Monsters can be included.)

Some cards will be unavailable for the sake of game balance.

Please check the event-exclusive Forbidden/Limited List to see what cards you can or cannot use.

During the event, you can Duel with the same ruleset within Duel Rooms.

Medals Info:

- Medals are claimed at the end of each Duel. You can immediately gain rewards corresponding to the number of Medals you earned.

- You can earn Medals whether you win, draw, or lose.

- You will not earn any Medals if you surrender the Duel. Fight on to the very end!

- The number of Medals you earn will be the same regardless of whether you use your own Deck or a Loaner Deck. Use the Deck to your liking!

Recommended Event Rewards

[Obtain with 5500 Medals!]

Field Parts

Loop of Destruction

[Obtain with 22000 Medals!]


Anti-Spell Festival 2022


Below is information on the event-exclusive Forbidden/Limited List for "Anti-Spell Festival."

The event-exclusive Forbidden/Limited List has now been published.

You can confirm the "Forbidden/Limited List" from the submenu, which you can bring up by pressing the collapsed menu button in the top right of the Home screen, or by using the filter in' the Edit Deck screen available in the event page.

*From today until the end of the event, you will be able to create Decks following the Forbidden/Limited List for this event. You can start creating a Deck by selecting the Duel Menu button to the bottom right of this notice, or by going to the Home screen's Duel menu and then selecting "Anti-Spell Festival."

In the Event Edit Deck screen, you can set the filters according to each Forbidden/Limited List.

Try out using this feature as you can filter cards related to each event-exclusive Forbidden/Limited List, as well as cards by their rarity.

*In addition to the above, from today until the end of the event, the Forbidden/Limited List for this event will be available for selection in Duel Rooms.

More details regarding the event will be available on the Event Page once it opens.

Thank you for playing "Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL."

Are you excited for this Festival? What decks do you plan on playing? Let us know in the comments below!