Before we get into the new stuff, a reminder that the Ghostrick Lantern Mate will be gone in 8 days.

We have a new wave of Accessories added to the Shop. Most of these are focused on Ghostricks, who had a Solo Gate released recently, but we also have a Skull Servant Mate and a brand new cosmetic in the Shop with the Magic Cylinder Icon Frame. Let's take a look!

Magic Cylinder

Let's start with the Icon Frame. These Accessories aren't exactly new, as they were offered to players in various spots, but this Magic Cylinder one is the first to be sold in the Shop. Previous Frames are also quite dull, usually a solid color around your icon, while this one has some neat animations going. You can find it in Shop > Icon > Icon Frame for 60 Gems.

Skull Servant

The newest Mate in the shop is Wightbaking. You can see him near an open fire, with a bucket that, according to the Shop description, should be filled with Sweet Potatoes. As with previous Mates, you can get it for 300 Gems.


The rest of the cosmetics are inspired by Ghostrick. We have a new Field inspired by Ghostrick Mansion for 600 Gems, and a new Protector depicting Ghostrick Festival for 100 Gems. Also depicting Festival is a new type of item in the shop, Monster Art, for 250 Gems. Those are the monster images in the main menu. As with Icon Frames, those were previously given in various places, but this is the first time one is in the shop.

What do you think of these Accessories? Any of them catch your eye? And, considering the themes of these and the recent Solo Gate, what are the chances Konami thinks Halloween is in November? Let us know down below!