Just in time to help with your funds for the newly released Alba Abyss Secret Pack, Master Duel hit another milestone on their download count! The last one for 40 Million downloads was reached quite a while ago, around August of this year. It makes sense for the amount of new players to slow down as time goes on, but the rewards are plenty nonetheless. 

Appreciation Campaign

Since 50 is a more significant number, this time the celebratory free Gems are paired with an exclusive Five-Headed Dragon Protector. Both can be claimed in the Missions menu, although the Protector will have to wait for your second daily login.

Special Gem Discounts

In case you're still lacking in Gems, the occasion also comes with a "Limited-Time Gem Pack". The exact price may vary depending on your currency, but it contains 2,000 Gems and can be purchased up to 3 times.

How long do you think it will take for Master Duel to hit the 60 Million? And what are you spending your free Gems on? Share your thoughts down in the comments!