It's time for the first post-launch hotfix patch, following the release of Hearthstone's biggest expansion to date. There are a few bug fixes related to the previously posted known issues, but the bulk of it has to do with Duels Buckets bans (or more precisely, one ban and lots of un-bans) and a handful of Battlegrounds Quest Rewards adjustments i.e. the usual. 

Server-side hotfix means no downloads necessary for either desktop or mobile clients. You should see the results immediately once the deployment took place in your region, or its designated server group. In some cases, restarting the game might be necessary. 

Quote From DeckTech
There’s two server groups per region, so they’re switching from one (old patch) to the other (hotfix). That allows for the seamless update without loss of service. Also means there’s a little bit of a limbo period where some people will be on old and some on new.

It won't be as easy to tell when most of these changes are actually live without testing and playing the game. Here is what we can expect:

Quote From Blizzard
We are in the process of deploying Patch 25.0.2, a server-side hotfix patch, with the following game updates and bug fixes.

Duels Buckets Changes

This isn't exactly such a big deal Prince Renathal being featured in card buckets was a bit of an oddity anyway; you can routinely reach 40 cards and 40 Health in the game mode without such an assistance, so Health-wise it would've only mattered early on for a rather significant boost, and it's not like there is a way to take advantage of the increased card count mid-run. Renathal isn't an option when deckbuilding to begin with. 

Now, the bigger news here might be the number of cards being returned to card buckets throughout: with many of them being the actual namesakes of the original Duels Heroes. Even though Mindrender Illucia (the card, not the hero) is now a shadow of her former self.

Quote From Blizzard

Prince Renathal Card Image Mozaki, Master Duelist Card Image Instructor Fireheart Card Image Turalyon, the Tenured Card Image

Plus one little bug fix:

Quote From Blizzard

  • [Duels] Fixed a bug where Mean Streets of Gadgetzan cards would appear in Witchwood buckets.

Constructed Bug Fixes

Just the two, and one of them really notable: Souleater's Scythe wasn't working properly in all instances (such as when mulliganed away at the start of the game), so perhaps now we'll be able to witness the true potential of Spell Demon Hunter. We've already got some featured decks ready for their brave pilots!

When it comes to Maestra of the Masquerade, it's same old: perhaps not every Death Knight you're going to queue into will actually turn out to be just that. 

Quote From Blizzard

  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where Souleater’s Scythe would fail to add Bound Souls to the deck if the Scythe was in your initial hand and mulligan’d away.
  • [Hearthstone] Fixed a bug where Maestra of the Masquerade couldn’t find her Death Knight mask.

Souleater's Scythe Card Image Maestra of the Masquerade Card Image

Battlegrounds Updates

Up and down we go with the typical Quest Rewards appearance rates. 

Quote From Blizzard

  • The Menagerie Mayhem and Blood Goblet Quest Rewards have been made easier to earn.

Blood GobletMenagerie Mayhem

Quote From Blizzard

  • The Yoggtastic Tasties Quest Reward has been made harder to earn.
  • The Enhance-a-matic Quest Reward has been made rarer and harder to earn.


 Yogg-tastic TastiesEnhance-a-matic

Any thoughts on the Duels (un-)bans for card buckets? Or are you too busy sharpening your Scythes?