We've got a round of community-built decks that we're shining a spotlight on and we think you should give a shot. We're highlighting decks from Snnuy, LuckyCAD, MajiinBae, and Liberty1844. Below you will find decks and videos for each of them which focus on gameplay, so you can learn more from the pilots themselves.

Pyke & Rek'Sai Lurking Around

Lurk is a core concept in this deck from Snnuy who has brought Pyke and Rek'Sai together to climb up to Masters.

Marauders With Sion & LeBlanc

LuckyCAD brings us a Sion and LeBlanc deck which has a focus on Legion Marauder. This card can quickly snowball through the landmark The Black Flame and we have Strength in Numbers to help get more Marauders out for some potentially wicked damage.

Jayce & Lux Control

MajiinBae has been experimenting with Jayce & Lux, bringing a control deck to the table. They say that the slower meta and the addition of Champions' Strength did wonders for the archetype. Give it a shot and let us know how it goes!

Jax, Norra, & Gnar - Bandle Tree Stories

The Bandle Tree is here for an alternate win condition! Jax joins the deck to allow us to add "Weaponmaster" subtype cards into the deck, all of which use different regions so we're able to get to our win condition faster. Jax being added a few months ago really added in a fun new way to make use of The Bandle Tree, a card which release a year prior.

LuckyCAD brings us the following deck that also includes Norra and Gnar.

Cunning Kitten Printer Memes

Alright so this deck isn't something we're recommending you play if you want to be competitive, but Liberty1844 has a deck filled with cheap kitties that need to get onto the board.

What decks are you playing this weekend? Share them in our deckbuilder and in the comments below!