We're back on track with some additional Solo Mode content and a stocked-up Shop with fitting accessories. This time around we get a taste of lore for Yu-Gi-Oh's very own space horror archetype: Myutants! We'll also cover a couple of cosmetics left behind from the holiday season.

New Solo Mode Gate: Myutant Mutation

Besides the usual reward structure, this Gate features an abundance of Orbs, presumably for a costlier Gate down the road. Notably, the Goal node features a newly introduced SR Myutant card: Myutant Mutant. It's also been added to the pool of Legacy Pack cards, but this quick and guaranteed story freebie is the easier way.

Duel Field - Myutant Evolution Lab

This kind of futuristic sci-fi look isn't widely represented in Master Duel's current cosmetics selection. It really makes you feel like an evil genius, the hubris of which is only matched by your misplaying opponents.

Protector - Therion "King" Regulus

One could argue that Therions aren't the most exciting monsters. The little bit of background info we know of them describes that they are powered by Sprights. So there's at least some unfun stuff in the near future to look forward to.

Cosmetics of Christmas Past

Looking back at the end of last year, the Game Awards were celebrated by giving away a limited-time purply Protector. On top of that, the recently added Toadally Awesome Mate used to be on sale for 223 Gems (Get it, it's the numbers of the new year... kinda.)

Do you fancy some of the new shop deals? Or were you eagerly waiting for the Myutant invasion? Let us know in the comments below!