Well, it's been a hot minute since the last festival (this one isn't branded as such, but we will still call it a festival for consistency's sake). There was technically an event in December, but it was the Duelist Cup, so we decided to skip it, what with everything else happening that month.

To start the year off, we have the Theme Chronicle, which focuses mostly on archetypes from the Solo Gate mode of the game, though some others are also allowed to play. How will they enforce such a rule? Why, with an absolutely massive ban-list, of course! Stay tuned.

The event starts on the 17th/18th of January and lasts until the 30th/31st.

Theme Chronicle Rewards

Like all festivals before, this one comes with a number of rewards. This time, players can earn up to 1900 Gems and 18 Legacy Packs by playing in the event, with the gems being frontloaded and some dedicated missions sure to come once the event starts. As usual, winning will net you 500 Gems, and losing only 50.

There's also some cosmetic rewards, but they're very disappointing, just two icons depicting Vendread Chimera and Danger! Bigfoot!. The final reward is an event specific title, as has been the case for a while.

Rewards Breakdown
Medals Reward
50 50 Gems
100 50 Gems
500 100 Gems
1000 100 Gems
1500 100 Gems
2000 200 Gems
2500 50 Gems
3000 50 Gems
3500 100 Gems
4000 50 Gems
4500 50 Gems
5000 300 Gems
5500 Vendread Chimera Icon
6000 50 Gems
7000 50 Gems
8000 200 Gems
9000 50 Gems
10000 50 Gems
11000 300 Gems
12000 2 Legacy Pack Tickets
13000 2 Legacy Pack Tickets
14000 2 Legacy Pack Tickets
15000 2 Legacy Pack Tickets
16000 Danger! Bigfoot! Icon
17000 2 Legacy Pack Tickets
18000 2 Legacy Pack Tickets
19000 2 Legacy Pack Tickets
20000 2 Legacy Pack Tickets
21000 2 Legacy Pack Tickets
22000 Theme Chronicle 2023 Title

Are you excited for the Theme Chronicle festival? What deck are you planning on playing? Let us know in the comments below!