MARVEL SNAP's Hot Location this weekend is Mojoworld!

Mojoworld is a location that you don't want to ignore, because the player who has more cards there gets an extra 100 Power, giving them the edge should a tiebreaker be necessary. Luckily, there are a lot of ways to both fill the location and to profit from your opponent's desire to fill the location. Brood can swarm 75% of Mojoworld's open slots for the low cost of 3 Energy, so you can focus your efforts on the other locations. And hey, the location's namesake, Mojo, doesn't seem like a terrible idea to include in whichever deck you choose to run today.

However you choose to plan for the Hot Location, you'd better get used to it; being a Hot Location means that Mojoworld will have a 60% chance to appear for 24 hours, from 7 PM PT Saturday night to 7 PM PT Sunday night (2 AM UTC Sunday to 2 AM UTC Monday).

Brood Card ImageOn Reveal: Add 2 Broodlings to this location with the same Power. Mojo Card ImageOngoing: If both players have 4 cards at this location, +6 Power.

Hot Decks for Mojoworld

If you're looking for ideas of what decks you can play to the Hot Location, we've got you covered: with recommended decks for players just starting out in Series 1, players still moving up through Series 2, and players who are starting to fill their collections with cards from Series 3, 4, and 5.

Series 1 Ongoing Zoo

Ongoing is going to once again be a big theme for us with this hot location, so you'd better start getting used to it with our budget recommendation, which is an Ongoing Zoo built to fill up Mojoworld with all kinds of small cards. Rocket Raccoon can help win the location by taking advantage of the opponent's predictability, while Ka-Zar and Blue Marvel can have their effects doubled by Onslaught.

Series 2 Spectrum Ongoing

In Series 2, we get a few more good Ongoing cards (mostly Warpath), and go full into Ongoing tribe with Spectrum as finisher. The Punisher is great for a Mojoworld Hot Location, as he gets bigger the more cards your opponent plays to the Hot Location.

Spectrum Ongoing (Pool 2)
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Series 3 Sera Surfer

Our first Series 3 deck builds around Brood, and what better way to build around it than with Silver Surfer? Like Rocket in our budget deck, Groot is great when we can anticipate our opponent's plays, and stellar 3-Drops like Polaris, Juggernaut, and Killmonger can keep the enemy out of Mojoworld.

Surfer Moves (Pool 3)
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Series 3 Ongoing Destroyer

We told you Ongoing was a theme. This Destroyer deck plays a deck-load of Ongoing effects to get an alternate win-con from Spectrum, and runs the hot location's namesake Mojo to get even more benefit from a packed location.

Fantastic Destroyer (Pool 3)
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Series 3 Cerebro Control

Our final deck recommendation is a bit strange, but bear with us. With this deck, our plan is more about subverting our opponent's strategy than actually going all-in on the hot location. And we've got plenty of ways to disrupt their game: Killmonger to thin the herd, Juggernaut to bounce cards away from the location, and Spider-Man and Professor X to lock the location down. Then we use Blue Marvel, Cerebro, and Mystique to boost everyone's Power and call it a day.

Cerebro 3 Control (Pool 3)
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What are Hot Locations in MARVEL SNAP?

There are two different types of location events in MARVEL SNAP.

  • Sunday's Hot Location that have a 60% chance to appear for the next 24 hours.
  • Wednesday's Featured Location that have a 40% chance to appear for the next 48 hours.

Unlike the Featured Location (which is always a new Location), Sunday's Hot Location will pull from the pool of existing Locations. Its increased appearance rate will shake up the meta for a day - for example, Odin was the finisher of choice for many players when Kamar-Taj was the Hot Location.

Have your own strategy for capitalizing on the Mojoworld Hot Location? Make your deck using our MARVEL SNAP deckbuilder, then share it in the comments!