Keeping up with their monthly updates to the Limited & Forbidden List, Konami has given us a fairly big one. Two cards forbidden, five semi-limited, and seven unlimited. The changes go into effect on February 6th/7th 2023 (depending on your time zone). Let's get into it!


Union Carrier Card Image Toadally Awesome Card Image

Two hits that were most likely made in preparation for Spright and Tearlaments arriving to Master Duel soon, as those cards are used by those powerful archetypes.


Dimension Shifter Card Image Conquistador of the Golden Land Card Image

Some hits to generic cards that can prove quite powerful, while also letting the Infernity and Eldlich archetypes breathe a little.


Dinowrestler Pankratops Card Image Salamangreat Gazelle Card Image

This section is quite interesting, as it unlimits a good number of archetypal cards that were semi-limited either since the game's release or since the archetype was added to Master Duel.

You'll get 20 extra CP when dismantling copies of the banned cards, up to the number that got banned. For example, if you want to dismantle Dimension Shifter, you'll only get the extra CP for the first copy. Don't dismantle until the changes go into effect! If you want, you can create copies of cards that were reduced in the hopes of getting a Foil, thus earning you extra CP. You'll be able to Dismantle your cards until March 5th/6th.

Quote From Konami (in-game notifications)

Upcoming Forbidden/Limited List Update

The implementation of the Forbidden/Limited List is planned to occur on the date listed below.

Please see below for the changes that are going to be made, and our reasoning behind these changes.

Expected date for Forbidden/Limited List implementation

2023 Feb 6

Forbidden/Limited List implementation details

We have compiled the trends and results of Decks used in Ranked Duels, and will limit cards and Decks with outstandingly high usage and win rates in line with their impact on the metagame.

The changes made to the list reflect our aims of preventing Decks from being too difficult to counter, and ensuring the game's tactical element is not compromised by overly short Duels.

*Cards affected by this Forbidden/Limited List will be color labeled as follows: Blue - Cards for which the maximum number of copies has decreased; White - Cards for which the maximum number of copies has increased.

- Cards to be Forbidden

"Union Carrier", "Toadally Awesome"

*Cards that are moved to the Forbidden List with this implementation will no longer appear from the Card Packs at the

Shop after the Nov 29 maintenance.(If a card's "Forbidden" status is lifted in a future revision of the Forbidden/Limited List, it will become available from the Shop Card Packs.)

*Newly Forbidden cards on the List can still be generated after the List is implemented.

*Forbidden cards are not displayed in the Card List or Search Results on the Deck Edit screen because the Forbidden card filter is set to OFF by default.

The Forbidden cards under "STANDARD" Forbidden/Limited List will be displayed in the Search Result and Card List by any of the following:

- Set "Forbidden" under the "Limit" in the Filter Menu to ON.

- Change the Forbidden/Limited List setting on the upper right of the Deck Edit screen from "STANDARD" to "UNLIMITED".

- Cards to be Semi—Limited

"That Grass Looks Greener", "There Can Be Only One", "Dimension Shifter", "Infernity Launcher", "Conquistador of the Golden

- Cards for which the limit on the number of copies will be lifted

"Dinowrestler Pankratops", "Memories of Hope", "Scapegoat", "Danger!? Jackalope?", "Double Iris Magician", "Salamangreat
Gazelle", "Cursed Eldland"

*Replays of Duels played before the Forbidden/Limited List becomes effective may be shown on DUEL LIVE for a certain period of time after the Forbidden/Limited List becomes effective.

Dismantling Bonuses Resulting from the Forbidden/Limited List

If a card is designated as "Limited," "Semi-Limited," or "Forbidden" on this Forbidden/Limited List, a 20pts Craft Point bonus will be available when dismantling the card during the period below. The number of times the bonus can be gained corresponds to the reduction in the max. copies of the card per Deck due to the Forbidden/Limited List.

Applicable Duration

2022 Dec 01 03:00 - 2023 Jan 10 05:59

* This applies to cards that can be dismantled.

*The Craft Point bonus of the card to be dismantled will be 20 points regardless of surface finish.

(For Example)

(For an Unlimited card (max. 3 copies in a Deck) that becomes Limited (max. 1 copy per Deck), a Craft Point bonus of 20 pts will be available when dismantling up to two copies of this card. It is two copies because the reduction in the max. copies of the card per Deck due to the Forbidden/Limited list is also two copies.

If the card has no finish, 30 Craft Points will be gained. (The usual 10 plus the bonus of 20.) The usual 10 Craft Points will be gained when dismantling past two copies, or if the card is dismantled outside the applicable period.

Limit Regulations in Yu-Gi-Ohl MASTER DUEL are subject to change in order to improve game balance and increase player enjoyment.

Limit Regulations are also subject to careful review and may be changed or removed as the environment changes. (In those cases Card effects may change.)

When changes are to be made, the details of the cha ges will be communicated to players before they are implemented.

Changes will usually be announced 2 weeks before they are applied. However, this time frame is subject to change if urgent changes are need.

Thank you for playing "Yu-Gi-Oh! MASTER DUEL."

What do you think of this list? What other cards would you like to see forbidden or unlimited? Let us know in the comments below!