The first of February's events, Legend Anthology, is currently underway. Take your favorite deck from Yu-Gi-Oh's distant past, and get in the dueling arena. I think. The theming for this one is a little confusing, and there's a lot of other decks that you're able to play in the event that don't fit that description.

Before we get further, we need to clarify something. In the article announcing the events for the month, we said the Xyz event will take place at the same time as this one. That is partially incorrect. The Xyz event will start on the 20th/21st of February, and will last until the 27th/28th (depending on your time zone). We apologize for the confusion.

Now that the event started, we have the dedicated missions for it (which can also be completed during the Xyz festival). You can get a total of 600 Gems by doing the following activities:

  • Activate Spell/Trap:
    • 5 times: 40 Gems
    • 10 times: 30 Gems
    • 15 times: 20 Gems
    • 20 times: 10 Gems
  • Normal or Special Summon a Monster: 
    • 3, 5 times: 40 Gems
    • 7, 10 times: 30 Gems
    • 15, 20 times: 20 Gems
    • 25, 30 times: 10 Gems
  • Duel in the Festival:
    • 1, 3 times: 50 Gems
    • 5, 10 times: 40 Gems
    • 15, 20, 25, 30 times: 30 Gems

Combined with the other 1900 Gems from the two festivals, that's a total of 2500 Gems. The game promises 3100, so they'll add more missions in the following days, likely when the Xyz Festival starts. For now, you can check our Loaner Decks for the Legends Anthology to see what you want to play with, assuming you don't want to bring your own deck.

What do you think of the missions for the Festivals? Are you excited for the events? Let us know in the comments below!