Looking for a MARVEL SNAP deck to help you climb to Infinite, or looking for something fresh and hip to take out for a spin? We've gathered 10 decks from around the SNAP community that can help you win games while also having fun.

If you're in the market for some strategic advice, we've included our *personal* recommendations for when it's OK to Snap early with each deck - your mileage may vary.

Tian Ding's Movement

We start off with some Movement from Second Dinner's Tian Ding in a list that, shall we say, likes to move it ("it" being Multiple Man). While its heavy reliance on Movement may telegraph the final turn Heimdall, Captain Marvel can sneak some Power back into an abandoned location.

Snap Early If: You can parlay some early movement into a cheap Miles Morales plus another friend.

Jam's Big Lockjaw

Lockjaw is not just for Thanos decks, as this list from Jam looks to prove. Wasp is still dog's best friend, helping cheat out a variety of big bodies or late game bombs. Dracula fits in as another way to get a lot of Power into play for less than the MSRP.

Snap Early If: You've got Lockjaw and Wasp on turn 3.

Jam's Big Lockjaw (Pool 3)
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HowlingMines's Sera Nimrod

This deck from HowlingMines uses Sera and destroy effects to get the most out of the new Season Pass card, Nimrod. Play Sera on 5, then follow up with Nimrod and either Carnage or Venom for maximum Power proliferation.

Snap Early If: You can play Sera on 5 and you've got enough juice to sneak a win on turn 6.

Howling Mines's Sera Nimrod (Pool 3)
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Desmond's HeliCollector

This tournament deck from Desmond is pretty spicy, using Lady Sif to discard Helicarrier and feed The Collector and Devil Dinosaur, or gain some tempo thanks to cost reduction from Quinjet.

Snap Early If: You can discard Helicarrier, then bring it back with Ghost Rider.

xhal's Sera Surfer

Silver Surfer decks still have legs. This list from xhal gets a little strange by adding in Zabu to reduce the costs of Jubilee, Shang-Chi, and (our favorite) Absorbing Man, who can copy the On Reveal of Jubilee, or Silver Surfer himself.

Snap Early If: You get your hands on some cost reduction, or can lean on the old reliable Brood into Surfer to win a location.

xhal's Sera Surfer (Pool 3)
A Deck created by . Last updated 1 year, 2 months ago

Specimen's Nimrod Combo

This deck from Specimen pairs Season Pass card Nimrod with the very balanced Shuri to make a large man that can't be struck down by Shang-Chi or, if your opponent doesn't oblige, can fill up a pair of locations with some help from Arnim Zola.

Snap Early If: You have Shuri on 4 into a pair of big follow-ups, or can get really juicy with a turn 3 Wong after a turn 2 Psylocke or Zabu.

Specimen's Combo Nimrod (Pool 4)
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KrakenNull's Shuri Nimrod

KrakenNull also decided to try out the power of a deck using Shuri to boost Nimrod, although this one goes a little heavier with the ramp of Electro - potentially playing Nimrod into a turn 5 Destroyer, then using turn 6 Arnim Zola to fill each location with biblical hunters.

Snap Early If: You either have Shuri on 4, or Electro on 3.

KrakenNull's Shuri Nimrod (Pool 4)
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dillusion's Sentry Destroy

If you're looking for something to do with Omega Red, then this deck from dillusion might be your guiding light. It's got plenty of ways to drive the Power of its opponent down, with Hobgoblin or by using Viper to send over a -2 Power The Hood or a -8 Power The Void.

Snap Early If: You get an early Zabu for cost reduction purposes, or can torment your opponent with Goblins and Viper.

dillusion's Sentry Destroy (Pool 4)
A Deck created by . Last updated 1 year, 2 months ago

wwlos's SeraHawk Control

Sera Control continues to be a go-to for players trying to counter the meta, and this brew from wwlos takes that one step further by adding in Darkhawk to prey on Thanos decks that fill themselves with Stones. Rockslide is extra annoying for decks relying on Lockjaw, and can be put into play early with a discount from Zabu.

Snap Early If: You find either Zabu or Sera on curve.

wwlos's SeraHawk Control (Pool 4)
A Deck created by . Last updated 1 year, 2 months ago

Ziggy's Stature Thanos

Our final deck is an expensive Thanos list from Ziggy that takes a chance on new Series 5 card Stature for some easy tempo after disruption from Black Bolt. As we've learned, when the deck is mostly 1-Drops that draw more cards, it's a lot easier to fill up on 5+ Cost monsters.

Snap Early If: You can get your Lockjaw engine going, or can drop an early Leech (which is something we're sure your opponent will love).

Ziggy's Thanos Stature (Pool 5)
A Deck created by . Last updated 1 year, 2 months ago

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