Looking for a MARVEL SNAP deck to help you climb to Infinite, or looking for something fresh and hip to take out for a spin? We've gathered 7 decks from around the SNAP community that can help you win games while also having fun.

If you're in the market for some strategic advice, we've included our *personal* recommendations for when it's OK to Snap early with each deck - your mileage may vary.

Clutter Control

Sometimes you just want to play an abundance of cheap things which also serve to make it harder for your opponent to achieve their goals by filling their locations with a bunch of garbage. This deck uses Debrii, Viper, and Green Goblin fill up some locations, then win with the Power of Maximus and Mojo.

Snap Early If: You can use Green Goblin with Titania or a Vipered The Hood to completely shut off one of your opponent's locations early.

Big Mean Rocks (Pool 3)
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Jase's Infinite Discard

Discard is not generally an archetype that steps outside of its comfort zone, as this list from Jase can attest. You run the cards that discard cards, and you run the cards that like to be discarded, and you have Morbius get very big while you do it.

Snap Early If: You have Morbius on board early, with the discard effects in hand ready to feed him (or Moon Knight discarded their Leech).

Jase's Apocalypse Discard (Pool 3)
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RayRay's HeimWave

Doctor Doom and Wave are a power couple in MARVEL SNAP, and this deck from RayRaySnap adds a little spice to the relationship with the movement of Heimdall for a surprise late-game location swap. And don't forget that She-Hulk is fantastic when you play Wave on turn 5.

Snap Early If: You have Wave on 3 and can do something powerful with her.

RayRay's HeimWave (Pool 3)
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Tony Important's Mister Negative

This deck from Tony Important is the stuff memes are made of. It's built around everyone's favorite Mister Negative, and uses Jane Foster to draw an army of 0 Power cards that become 0 Cost once negatized - Angela, Iron Man, Arnim Zola, Taskmaster, Mystique, and (of course) Morph.

Snap Early If: You have Psylocke on 2 with Mister Negative in hand.

Jhut99's BastHawk

This disruptive deck from Jhut99 uses the Series 4 triple threat of Bast, Valkyrie, and Darkhawk to boost the Power of its own cards while reducing the threat its opponent's pose. Thanks to Rocks and Black Widow, it makes life hard on the opponent - and that's before we even mention Spider-Man.

Snap Early If: You have Zabu on curve with a 4-Drop follow-up, or you can can Bast a fairly large hand early.

Jhut99's BastHawk (Pool 4)
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N3_b4's Super Patriot

Not all Patriot decks are the same, as we can see from this spicy number shared by N3_b4. It uses some Series 4 muscle in Valkyrie and Super Skrull to turn the opponent's strength against them while Patriot and his No Ability gang swarm the board.

Snap Early If: You can play Patriot and copy his effect with Mystique, and have a card or two that can benefit from the buff.

N3_b4's Super Patriot (Pool 4)
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coco4's Thanos Zoo

Inevitably, we end with a Thanos deck; this time it's an interesting Zoo offering from coco4 that adds in Carnage to feast on some of the lower-impact Stones (and Bast), clearing out some space for Thanos himself.

Snap Early If: Your opening hand has a couple of Stones with draw, with an early play of either Quinjet or Bast.

coco4's Thanos Zoo (Pool 5)
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