The busy week for game launches continues with a ton of new titles today. What are you playing?

Ad Infinitum

Trapped between the walls of your family home and the trenches of World War I, you try to piece together your past and take back control of your life. Will the nightmare of the war ever end. Will you find inner peace one day? In Ad Infinitum, you play as a German soldier haunted by the horrors of the Great War. While your mind grapples with memories of your family home and the trenches on the front, you try to break the endless cycle of suffering. You wake up in your bedroom, unchanged from your teenage years, in a run-down and deserted manor house. Suddenly and inexplicably, you are transported to the trenches where the horrors of war are overshadowed by vile and even more terrifying creatures. Unable to distinguish between reality and nightmare, you must fight to regain control of your life's narrative.

  • Unspeakable nightmares come to life in the recesses of your mind.
  • To escape the death traps and terrifying creatures, you must understand the source and motivation of each monster and solve the puzzles that stand in your way.
  • From blind demons who can hear your softest footsteps to hideous disjointed puppets who move in the dark, horror is around every corner.
  • Through exploration and by solving riddles and puzzles between the walls of your home and the barbed wire of No Man’s Land, you ultimately reveal a chapter in the story of a German family torn apart by war.

Developed by Hekate.

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Heavy Duty Challenge®: The Off-Road Truck Simulator

Drive powerful trucks and explore open world environments. Master your skills and win truck trial championships.​ Experience off-road driving like never before. Explore open-world environments and take a chill cross-country trip in your favourite truck, or go on a scavenger hunt to discover all of the secrets hidden in the area.

  • Enter challenging championships inspired by real-life truck trial tournaments.
  • Beat demanding obstacle courses, win trophies and climb online leaderboards.
  • Drive official branded trucks, recreated in highest detail from real vehicles.
  • Play with a wheel controller and choose cabin view for full immersion. Experience custom-made, ultra realistic physics simulation.

Developed by Nano Games.

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Suicide Guy: The Lost Dreams

The Lost Dreams is the new chapter from the Suicide Guy game series: a first person puzzle game set in a world of new crazy dreams. In this adventure you'll have to find a way to wake up from your nightmares. This game will challenge you in the insane fantasies of the Guy. Try to find a way escape and wake up through lunatic worlds and wacky creatures using only your intuition and imagination.

Despite the title, the game is not at all about suicide or depression.

  • 18 levels set inside Suicide Guy's dream worlds.
  • Bizarre creatures that you will interact with during your adventure.
  • Crazy Skills: be able to pick up items, throw them, utilize dreamworld tools and even burp.
  • Gamers will have to use items and tools in every kind of situation by solving loony puzzles.

Developed by Chubby Pixel.

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Galaxy Pass Station

Welcome to the ultimate space station simulator, where the universe's most fascinating aliens come to rest and play. As the first caretaker of the station, your mission is to ensure all guests have a fantastic time by providing top-notch service and building the best station in the galaxy. But watch out - with so many different alien species to cater to, there are sure to be challenges along the way. 

  • With a range of exciting tasks to undertake, from checking aliens' papers to performing tests and managing the station's facilities, there's never a dull moment in Galaxy Pass Station.
  • Create a duty-free zone with plenty of delicious food, comfortable sleeping arrangements, and exciting shopping options, and make sure to keep guests entertained with various fun activities.
  • Explore 13 alien races - Tintukian, Zubonoids, Martians, Slu, Grays, and others.
  • Base Building System - Your station will be your base, office, and home.

Developed by Galactic Workshop.

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Sunrise's Order

Sunrise's Order is a farm simulation game in which the player finds himself alone on his island to become an accomplished small farmer. He must use a delivery service called Animazon to support himself and grow his reputation. You're so addicted to the brand new farm game that's just been released that you decide to go on an adventure, just like the hero of your favorite video game. After buying an island to build your farm, you're ready to live a new life and face all the challenges that will come your way to make a living from your crops.

  • As you level up your farm, you unlock skill points that help you get different bonuses that will be useful throughout your adventure.
  • You can increase the length of the day, have more space in your inventory and improve the quality of your crops.
  • By completing orders through the contract system, you can earn rewards such as money and reputation points. These reputation points allow you to learn new constructions for your farm.
  • You can expand your space on the island by clearing new parcels. Several types of plots are available such as field, garden, animal husbandry and many others.

Developed by Misstic Studio.

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Deceit 2

Deceit 2 is an immersive 6-9 player social deduction horror experience that can be played with friends or online via matchmaking. Your goal, escape the Ritual. But beware, two of your party have been corrupted by evil, hiding amongst you in plain sight, empowering the Ritual in order to sacrifice you to the Game Master's mysterious Benefactors. Band together, decipher allies from foes, but in this treacherous game, who truly stands by your side. The Innocent's strength lies in unity. Suspect an Infected amongst you? Unite to initiate the Banishing Ritual. But tread carefully; a wrong accusation leads to even greater mistrust in your ranks. Engage with the mysterious Peddler, trading souls for invaluable tools to aid your quest, navigate the haunting In-Between, all to secure your escape.

  • As an Infected, exploit the Ritual Site's Weak Points and tear the fabric of reality asunder. Once breached, all are thrust into The In-Between, a shadowy realm where the Infected's true power becomes unleashed. Here, they sow chaos, hunting and destroying the Innocent. Yet, if caught in the real world, their reign of terror can be halted.
  • When The In-Between engulfs all, the race to escape intensifies. Evade the supercharged Infected, whose very presence warps reality. But remember, the Ritual demands sacrifice. Who amongst you will pay the ultimate price.

Developed by World Makers.

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The cutest, deadliest and only top-down roguelike shooter featuring AK-wielding Axolotls. Blast your way through the animal kingdom with an arsenal of kick-ass guns, mighty power-ups and even raise an army of trigger-happy baby axolotls. You're an axolotl armed with an AK, that embarks on an epic rampage, shooting down anything that stands in your way. Slaughter your way through a variety of biomes and conquer randomly generated rooms, all while collecting delicious food and capturing precious baby Axolotls.

  • Channel the incredible power of Axolotls' regeneration! If you're knocked down, you will rise again from the ashes and start stronger, unlocking new weapons with each fight. Fight, die, come back stronger and fight again.
  • From Slithering Sock Snakes to Giant (knife wielding) Enemy Crabs, these bosses will put your regenerative abilities to the test. Time to bring an AK-47 to a knife fight.
  • Find Axolotl eggs and raise new powerful Axolittles by turning them into highly specialized little killing machines. Take their firepower to the next level by cooking up permanent, stat-improving recipes. Take no prisoners, eat everything and become unstoppable.

Developed by 2Awesome Studio.

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The Walking Dead: Betrayal

The Walking Dead: Betrayal is a third person action game of cooperation and deception for up to 8 players. Out of resources, with a herd of walkers fast approaching, players must work together to complete objectives and make their escape. They’ll need to work fast, as walkers aren’t the only threat. Incognito ‘traitors’ lurk among them, plotting to do everything in their power to delay repairs and prevent anyone from leaving. With so many creative ways to sabotage the team, the walkers are the most predictable threat. As evidence of their sabotage becomes apparent, paranoia and accusations threaten to tear the survivors apart as they desperately work towards escaping. Can you make it out alive. Fight the Dead. Fear the Living.

  • Survivors have no chance of escaping unless they work together. Players who wander off on their own can fall victim to hordes of walkers or become easy targets for the traitors.
  • Communication is key if the survivors have any hope of escaping.
  • Venture out from the Safe Zone to scavenge resources to complete objectives, craft weapons and cook food to manage your hunger.
  • You only have a limited amount of inventory space, so make your choices wisely.

Developed by Other Ocean Interactive.

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Railroads & Catacombs

In this exciting Card Building Roguelike game you create your cards from scratch adding different upgrades. Build your train, explore this mad land and face fearsome bosses. Discover infinite synergies. How far will you go.

  • Bosses will end your pathetic lives with no hesitation. Make sure you are ready to face those sinister creatures.
  • Navigate in skirmish and attack the enemy using a crushing blow. Conquer the unknown or be conquered by it.
  • The locomotive is connected to 12 different types of carriages, it’s the only sanctuary in this world of madness. Get away from this ominous land, find a safe place.
  • Pairing two of the five combat styles, there are more than 120 card building combinations. Find your meta combinations, so your venture may last longer.

Developed by Felipe Aulló.

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Pathfinder: Gallowspire Survivors

A new roguelite survivor game set in the beloved fantasy world of Pathfinder. Enter Gallowspire, Pathfinder’s legendary tower of darkness, alongside your fearless companion. Slay hordes of enemies, upgrade your arsenal, and overcome deadly bosses to seal away the ancient king of undeath. You won’t have to face the darkness alone. Choose one of your other heroes to join your main hero as a companion while adventuring. They will stand alongside you on the battlefield, offering protection and firepower.

  • 3 hero classes: Fighter, Rogue, and Wizard, each with unique abilities and playstyles.
  • Unlock 67+ different abilities and 36+ talents, all inspired by Pathfinder TTRPG.
  • Fight 4 unique bosses in scripted and challenging battles.
  • Face against 47+ unique monsters, and mini-bosses with over 275 variants.
  • Complete 30+ quests.

Developed by BKOM Studios.

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Do any of these games interest you and if so will you be checking them out? Let us know in the comments below.