Marvel Snap's newest season, Loki For All Time, has begun! With that comes a few new cards, variants, and much more. Let's jump into the details!

A very fitting season considering Loki Season 2 is making its debut on Disney+ on October 6, just as this season should be ending.

New Cards in Loki For All Time

Three new cards are making their debut during this season, with one being distributed each week. Things start off with last season's new pass card, Daken.

Did we say three? That would be silly! There is indeed a fourth, the namesake of this month's season - here's Loki!

Loki Card ImageOn Reveal: Replace your hand with cards from your opponent's starting deck. They get -1 cost.

On Reveal: Replace your hand with cards from your opponent's starting deck. They get -1 cost.

There are of course additional Loki-themed items, available in the seasonal rewards.

New Locations in Loki For All Time

  • Mount Vesuvius: Players can’t retreat after turn 5.
  • Time Theater: Copy the last card you drew instead of drawing your next card.

Loki For All Time Spotlight Caches

Each week will feature a different spotlight cache! Here is who you can expect and when.

New Bundles Coming in Loki For All Time

These Exclusive Bundles are available for a limited time! And don’t forget that you can use any new variant even if you don’t yet own the base card. Here are the upcoming bundles:

Days of Summer Past ($29.99)

  • Agent Coulson (Summer Vacation) Variant & Avatar
  • White Queen (Summer Vacation) Variant & Avatar
  • 600 Credits
  • 3000 Gold
  • 155 Agent Coulson Boosters
  • 155 White Queen Boosters

Beach Bums (2800 Gold)

  • Leech (Summer Vacation) Variant & Avatar
  • Scorpion (Summer Vacation) Variant & Avatar
  • Sandman (Summer Vacation) Variant & Avatar
  • 3600 Credits
  • 155 Leech Boosters
  • 155 Scorpion Boosters
  • 155 Sandman Boosters

Cannonball Run (2800 Gold)

  • Armor (Summer Vacation) Variant & Avatar
  • Giganto (Summer Vacation) Variant & Avatar
  • 4000 Credits
  • 155 Armor Boosters
  • 155 Giganto Boosters

Aspect of Heimdall ($74.99)

  • Heimdall (Pantheon) Variant & Avatar
  • Kraven (Pantheon) Variant & Avatar
  • 4800 Credits Changed
  • 4000 Collector Tokens
  • 155 Heimdall Boosters
  • 155 Kraven Boosters

Emergency Pirate Outfit ($19.99)

  • Kitty Pryde (1602) Variant
  • Kitty Pryde (1602) Avatar
  • 900 Credits
  • 1600 Gold
  • 310 Kitty Pryde Booster

Sword & Shield ($9.99)

  • Nick Fury (Noir) Variant & Avatar
  • Agent 13 (Black Suit) Variant & Avatar
  • Iron Man (Max Grecke) Variant & Avatar
  • 155 Nick Fury Boosters
  • 155 Agent 13 Boosters
  • 155 Iron Man Boosters

Artist Showcase: Kim Jacinto (7500 Gold)

  • Master Mold (Kim Jacinto)Variant & Avatar
  • Darkhawk (Kim Jacinto) Variant & Avatar
  • 7200 Credits
  • 310 Master Mold Boosters
  • 310 Darkhawk Boosters

Festival of Unity ($4.99)

  • Wong (Frazetta) Variant
  • Wong (Frazetta) Avatar
  • 900 Credits
  • 155 Wong Boosters

Card Balance Updates

A few balance updates have also been added in the new patch.

  • Blade now discards the rightmost card from your hand (previously was a card).
  • Soul Stone 
    • New: Ongoing: Enemy cards here have -1 Power.
    • Old: On Reveal: Draw a card. Ongoing: Enemy cards here have -1 Power.
  • Spider-Ham now transforms the leftmost card in your hand (was highest power card).
  • Snowguard 
    • New: 1/2 - On Reveal: Add the Hawk and Bear auroras to your hand.
    • New: Hawk: 2/3 - On Reveal: Ignore all location abilities until the end of next turn (or the game).
    • New: Bear: 2/3 - On Reveal: Trigger the effect of this location.
    • Old: While in your hand, this transforms each turn into a Hawk or a Bear.
    • Old: Hawk: 1/2 - On Reveal: Ignore all location abilities next turn.
    • Old: Bear: 1/2 - On Reveal: Trigger the effect of this location.
  • Absorbing Man now has four power (Down from 5).

Second Dinner has also commented on each of the above changes.

Quote From Second Dinner


Developer Note: A solid card in early discard strategies, Blade has dropped off in both popularity and win percentage. As we examined weaker cards that could use a little love, we'd also been thinking about ways we could give a little push to some discard synergy cards, like Hela, Ghost Rider, Swarm, and of course Apocalypse. Because Blade is a card players acquire early on, a change accomplishing both of these goals needed to be clean and simple, and we think this fits the bill. It might not be enough to breathe new life into the daywalker, but we like to find opportunities for small changes with the potential to make some interesting waves.

Soul Stone

Developer Note: It took players a few months to fully grasp the might of Thanos, but since then he's been a metagame mainstay with multiple stints at the top of the heap. We love Thanos, but his combination of flexibility and powerful synergy enablers has proven to be a bit dangerous over time. We decided we wanted to shave a piece of strength out of the kit, and decided to hit two birds with one stone by simplifying the only card in the kit with two abilities. We understand this is a bit ironic, considering the recent changes to Mystique and Rogue to copy the Soul Stone's draw effect, but oh well. While a meaningful loss of Power, we don't expect Thanos to fall out of favor once the dust settles.


Developer Note: As we mentioned in the OTA that adjusted Spider-Ham from 1/1 to 2/2, we weren't happy with how damaging his effect was to a few of our cooler 6-Cost cards, especially Apocalypse. However, we liked that Spider-Ham hit a solid sweet spot of disruption without fully denying you the card, and even had some risk due to Destroyer and Infinaut. This change aims to retain those positive elements without applying it exclusively to higher-Cost cards, and also makes the effect a lot easier to play around if you suspect Peter Porker might be paying you a visit. The trigger will still hit 6-Cost cards slightly more often, since they'll tend to migrate leftward in your hand as you wait to play them, but Apocalypse will safely hide on the right if you can keep discarding him.


Developer Note: It feels like every patch includes at least one wacky, unexpected card change these days, so here's one for today! Snowguard has turned out to be a largely unsatisfying card for players, posting poor stats on both popularity and actual wins. Our goals for Snowguard were to create a novel tool for Hot and Featured locations that might also see some play in Conquest decks looking to surprise the enemy, but we fell short. In revising the design, we aimed to:

  1. Make her stronger. Granting both the Hawk and the Bear is more total Power on-curve, and decreases the variance around whether either is useful.
  2. Give her deckbuilding identity. A few decks (and more to come) already care about adding material from outside your starting deck to your hand.
  3. Reduce confusion. Results weren't matching intuition around the Hawk, so we extended the window to start after it resolves. We also added text clarifying the effect won't last through the end of the game, even if you Hawk on the final turn.
  4. If possible, let her variants stay in play. Leaning into summoning instead of transforming cleanly solved this.

Absorbing Man

Developer Note: What is this, an OTA patch? After last week's balance updates were locked, but before they went live, we saw a huge surge in the strength and popularity of decks based on the Forge + Brood + Absorbing Man curve. We knew our changes weakened other top decks, and that the new kid was already becoming a Big Deal in ranked and Conquest. We're often happy to let things breathe for a minute when a new deck appears, but this case was unique because it risked an especially dull metagame to let it ride until our next OTA. We decided to make a change now, and we'll evaluate it again with the data gathered from the most recent weekend post-OTA.

Loki Season Developer Update

Loki For All Time Patch Notes

Quote From Second Dinner

New Feature: Infinite Rank Revamp

  • Infinite Rank Leaderboard: When reaching Infinite, rank will be replaced by your leaderboard standing
  • Snap Points: Your standing is determined by your Snap Points (SP) - the more cubes you win, the more SP you get!

Conquest Mode Improvements

  • Improved UI/UX experience after completing a Conquest run to remove extra screens
  • Mute now saved across multiple battles in the same match
  • New improved visuals for Infinite Avatar border!


  • Seasonal Audio: We love our in-game menu music, but we’ve been hoping for some more variety in our lives. Starting this season, we’ll be changing our in-game menu music to match the vibe of each new season.
  • Agatha SFX added.
New Bug Fixes (19.x)
  • Deck carousel feels less sticky now.
  • Collecting Mission Rewards without loading delay.
  • Sandman and Electro and Daredevil SFX now fade out, rather than looping until turn end.
  • Fixed bug blocking Space Stone trigger SFX.
  • Should no longer be able to navigate between menus while the Settings window is open
  • Fixed an issue that sometimes caused Sandman and Electro from displaying the power of a locked down location
  • Cards that changed abilities such as Mystique should now show the updated ability text if returned to hand
  • Omega Red's copy should no longer spam its VFX on Sinister London
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Time Stone from incrementing the displayed energy number
  • The carousel should be a bit easier to scroll on PC
  • Fixed an issue that would sometimes cause the "Next" button in Friendly Battles to be missing its asset
  • Gold and Season XP assets should no longer be missing when viewed in the mission details
  • Snowguard's VFX should turn off appropriately when the game ends and not persist to the post-match screen
  • VFX for the Mystery Premium Variant icon should no longer display weirdly while scrolling
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the Daily Offer Punchcard progression pips to display weirdly
  • Resolved an issue where claiming a card off of a Season Pass could cause the claim screen to display incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue that caused users in some languages to hang at the initial loading screen
  • Carousel images should no longer be cropped along the top on some iPhones
  • Season Pass rewards should no longer clip through the assets along the top of the screen when scrolling
  • Fixed an issue where tapping on the Gold icon in the Conquest shop could lock users out of the game mode
  • Cleaned up some font sizing issues with the multi-upgrade feature in Vietnamese and Japanese
  • Multi-upgrade should now count appropriately for mission progress
  • Fixed a small asset sizing issue with the Free Credits claim button
  • Fixed an issue where the claim button for Season Pass items wasn't properly localized in most languages
  • Resolved an issue where certain devices could try to resize the game which could lead to many UI issues