The Pokemon Company just released a short where Ceruledge gets into fight with a Dragapult on top of some ruins from Paldea. The video is short and action-packed, so have a look below!

But this video is just the tip of the Avalugg. First up, there's a Terra Raid event happening in the middle of the month that will allow you to catch version exclusive Pokemon to help complete your Pokedex. You'll be able to catch Stonjourner, Eiscue, Armarouge, and , of course, Ceruledge. The raids will be 3-star and 5-star (no details on which is which) and take place between the 16th and 18th of February.

You'll also be able to receive an exclusive Ceruledge TCG card by purchasing from the Pokemon Center. All you have to do input the code pday2024 at checkout. The offer will be available starting on February 23rd and last until March 23rd. Finally, the ladder rewards for Pokemon TCG Live will be themed after Ceruledge.

What do you think of these events? Are you excited for all the Ceruledge goodness, or are you more of a Armarouge kind of person? Let us know in the comments below!