Well, this is an unexpected development for fans of the Pokemon TCG. A new mobile game, titled Pokemon Trading Card Game Pocket, has just been announced during the latest Pokemon Presents to arrive later this year. Unlike previous virtual versions of the game, like Online and Live, Pocket seems to be focused mostly on collecting the cards themselves rather than playing the game. 

The focus on collecting is made obvious by the cards themselves. They have 3D effects and models that make the Pokemon in the art of certain cards pop, and they have a new type of cards called Immersive Cards, which zoom in on the art and show you a fairly big canvas with artwork that goes beyond the card's frame.

You'll also be able to trade cards with other people, and a battle system is still in place, though it will be a simplified version of the main TCG game mode. You'll be given two packs per day for free, with undoubtedly other ways of acquiring them. No news yet on how it'll interact with TCG Live or the codes you get in the physical TCG packs.

What do you think of Pokemon TCG Pocket? Are you excited to collect digital pocket monsters? Let us know in the comments below!