Ah, July 4th: the day we celebrate the birth of a nation. And the birth of...Democracy! Despite all the troubles elsewhere in the world, we know here in America that everything is going perfectly swell, and it is largely due to the immense power of Freedom flowing within our veins. Red blood, blue veins; can there be anything more democratic? I think not! It's so strong you can smell it on us, so breathe it in, world: breathe it all in.

As we spend this glorious day celebrating all the wonders and achievements of this nation - and Democracy at large - we are here to pay tribute to the great video games doing their patriotic duty in spreading the word of Lady Liberty. With our heads held high, and a hand over our breast, we salute you!

These are presented in alphabetical order, starting with A...for America, obviously! So sit back, sip on your cup of Liber-tea, and embrace the warm comfort of Freedom.

Assassin's Creed III

When the American Indian Connor loses his mother and tribe to the evil British, he dons the robes of the Assassin order to deliver justice. His origin is not relevant; what's important is that he correctly chooses his allegiance and sides with the Founding Fathers to aid in Revolution against the greedy empire, in the development of this great America. In this patriot's eyes, his actions make him a worthy hero!

America is the tale of immigrants, of the persecuted and oppressed coming together to rise above their tormentors. That he was able to overcome his status as a member of the downtrodden in service of this nation is nothing short of inspiration.


A top-secret mission declassified in game form, Broforce is based on the true story when over 25 of our top heroes came together to stop terrorists - and the Devil himself - from attacking America. From John McClane to Rambo, these fine men (and ladies) are the pride of this nation, and it only makes sense that their deeds be immortalized forever. While it may take a few Liberties with the tale, it's all in the name of celebrating Freedom!

Do you have what it takes to walk the path of a hero? Last year's "BROFORCE FOREVER" update added six more heroes, as well as additional level variety to its campaign. That means now is the best time to cleanse the world of tyranny!

Civilization VI

"Wait, fellow patriot," you may exclaim. "How does a game like Civilization, that lets you play as leaders of other nations, be worthy of being mentioned on this glorious day?" Well just because you can play as them doesn't mean you should, and many have instead chosen the path of greatness. Choosing a leader such as George Washington or Abraham Lincoln is the only righteous course of action, as is selecting "Democracy" as your government. Don't settle for anything less!

And while you can of course win the game via the path of the brute, a more seasoned individual understands that it is our Culture that will lead us to a more resounding victory. They should watch our movies, read our books, and be dazzled by our artistry; only by demonstrating how great and wonderful we truly are can we inspire others to take up our flag!

Helldivers 2

A glimpse into our future, perhaps, when the planet has unified under our banner and we have taken to the stars to spread Democracy. Our hearts swell with pride knowing that, even then, there will still be soldiers willing to take up arms in the name of Lady Liberty. Friendships will be forged on the battlefield, as both bug and bot come to understand how lesser they are in the face of Freedom.

Some may die, but they do so with the understanding that their sacrifice is not in vain, nor will it be overlooked. Their trials and tribulations will be closely monitored, so that their most glorious moments can be shared with the people back home, to inspire new recruits to the frontlines. After all, who wouldn't want to fight in the name of Super Earth?

Metal Wolf Chaos XD

In a bit of "ripped from the headlines" gritty realism, this harrowing tale of a potential coup d'etat and the downfall of America from within is a scary one at first glance. But fear not, for the 47th President of the United States himself saves the day as expected! Hopping into a mech suit and destroying all would-be traitors is the only acceptable outcome, so we can all be thankful that, should such a time come, he'll be ready.

Originally released only in Japan, they thankfully saw the error of their ways and ported it to the Xbox - the official console of Microsoft, an American company. While they no-doubt could use it as a training manual to better understand our Freedom, there's just something right about an American story being played by the American people.

Have you been spreading Democracy via these games? Any others out there scratch that itch for Freedom? Let us know in the comments below!