If you've already been playing Legends of Runeterra you'll be familiar with the different components of the board, but if you're new this will give you a quick rundown of all the important items you can expect to see on the screen. Let us know if you have any questions!

Quick Reference

  • History - A complete list of all actions for the current match.
  • Nexus - Each player has a Nexus that represents their Health.
  • Oracle's Eye - Shows you how damage from current combat will resolve before committing.
  • Combat Zone - Attackers and blockers will be placed in the field.
  • Deck - You can click on each player's deck to see the Champions included and how many cards are left in their deck.
  • Bench - This is where units reside after being played.
  • Hand - These are the current cards drawn from your deck.
  • Attack Token - If you have this it means you are eligible to attack your opponent.
  • Mana Bar - This contains your mana gems and refills at the end of the turn up to a max of 10 gems.
  • Spell Mana Bar - Up to 3 unused mana gems will be converted to spell mana between rounds and can only be used for Spells.

Riot put together a nice video that explains all of this if you want to give it a watch.