Dean Ayala has announced that we're going to see 10 cards have their previous nerfs reverted!

  • 5 of these cards are currently in the Wild format.
  • 4 of these cards are from the Year of the Raven and are rotating to wild.
  • 1 card is currently in the Year of the Dragon sets.
  • The exact numbers may still change.

We don't have details on what cards are being reverted yet, though we'd love to know what you think. Which cards do you think are getting unnerfed?

Quote From Dean Ayala

Planning on reverting a handful of card nerfs just before the upcoming set rotation. We’ll share details on exactly what those cards are in the next couple weeks but they currently include 5 Wild cards, 4 Year of the Raven cards (rotating to Wild), and 1 Year of the Dragon card.

Sharing thoughts always comes with the risk that things can change, so if those numbers don’t end up being final it was in the name of iteration! I wonder if anyone will guess exactly the right 10 cards. When the time comes we’ll announce them on official Hearthstone channels.

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