Starter Plat Swarm (Pool 1)

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Going through cards 1 by 1:

Squirel girl - swarms 1 to each location

Ant man - easy Swarm payoff 4 power

Rocket raccoon - potential for 5 power

Nightcrawler - flexible power where you need it

Sentinel- Swarm tool and prevents losing gas

Angela - Another Swarm payoff plus 2 per card

Captain America - Swarm tribal plus 1 to all

Wolfsbain - plus 2 per card

Kazar- 1 drops plus 1 power

Iron man - double power on 5

Captian marvel - plus 1 to all

Hulk - let's you win the lanes you didn't Swarm

Again all beginner cards so easy wins or cubes or whatever took me to Plat after 2 days of play at collection level 100

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