Daily Missions are the main way to earn Credits in MARVEL SNAP - Credits you can use to upgrade your cards and move up the Collection Ladder. This guide will break down how the Daily Mission system works: how many Credits you can earn from Missions and the kinds of Missions the game will ask you to complete.

Daily Missions, Daily Refreshes

Every eight hours, the game drops two Daily Missions for you to complete - one Normal Mission and one Hard Mission. The Missions log can hold a maximum of six Daily Missions at one time.

If you have open slots and can't wait until the next automatic refill, you can press the "Refill Now" button and spend 120 Gold to immediately get two more Daily Missions (one Normal, one Hard). Refilling in this way does not reset the refill timer. Players can use the "Refill Now" button up to three times per day. As of the November 8 patch, unused refills rollover to the next day - allowing players to bank up to 10 refills that can be used in a 24 hour period:

Quote From Stephen Jarrett

This is an unannounced change that we missed in the patch notes. Everyone still gets 3 refreshes / day but if you do not use them then you can bank them up to 10 saved refreshes. This is so you can always finish the weekly if you missed a few days

Normal Daily Missions

Normal Daily Missions reward 50 Credits and 25 Season XP. The following is a list of all current Normal Daily Missions and their requirements for completion:

Draw Cards0/25
Play Cards0/15
Play 1 Cost Cards0/5
Play 2 Cost Cards0/4
Play 3 Cost Cards0/3
Play 4 Cost Cards0/2
Play 5 Cost Cards0/1
Play 6 Cost Cards0/1
Play 100 Power's Worth of Cards0/100
Win a Location with 10 or Less Power0/1
Win a Location with 20 or More Power0/2
Win a Location with only 1 Card0/1
Win a Location with 4 Cards0/2
Win Matches0/2
Win Matches with a Snap0/1

Hard Daily Missions

Hard Daily Missions reward 100 Credits and 50 Season XP. Hard Daily Missions have similar conditions to Normal Daily Missions, with doubled requirements to match the doubled rewards. The following is a list of all current Hard Daily Missions and their requirements for completion:

Draw Cards0/50
Play Cards0/30
Play 1 Cost Cards0/10
Play 2 Cost Cards0/8
Play 3 Cost Cards0/6
Play 4 Cost Cards0/4
Play 5 Cost Cards0/2
Play 6 Cost Cards0/2
Play 200 Power's Worth of Cards0/200
Win a Location with 10 or Less Power0/2
Win a Location with 20 or More Power0/4
Win a Location with only 1 Card0/2
Win a Location with 4 Cards0/4
Win Matches0/4
Win Matches with a Snap0/2

Weekly Challenges

Completing Daily Missions also earns you Credits, XP, and Gold from the Weekly Challenge. Each Mission you complete moves you further along that week's Challenge, with a milestone every 5 Missions giving you some rewards. To finish a Weekly Challenge, you must complete 25 Daily Missions during that week.

Daily Missions CompletedRewards
5100 Credits, 10 Gold, 100 Season Pass XP
10200 Credits, 15 Gold, 200 Season Pass XP
15250 Credits, 25 Gold, 300 Season Pass XP
20300 Credits, 50 Gold, 500 Season Pass XP
25500 Credits, 100 Gold, 900 Season Pass XP

A completed Weekly Challenge gives you a total of 1250 Credits, 200 Gold, and 2000 Season Pass XP. Weekly Challenges refresh at 7 PM PT every Monday (2 AM UTC Tuesday).

What You Might Need to Know About Completing Daily Missions

While Daily Missions do what they say on the tin, there are still a few addenda to cover about how they track completion requirements, as well as some tricks for faster completion of tricky Missions.

Missions that ask you to play cards will only advance once both players have ended their turns. In other words, it only tracks cards played up to the most recently completed turn. If you have the "Play 6 Cost Cards" Mission, it won't count your turn 6 play if your opponent retreats, even though you played the card and hit End Turn.

The Mission that asks you to Win a Match with a Snap will advance towards completion if you Snap and your opponent immediately retreats.

Missions that require you to win locations under certain conditions can be cheesed by retreating on turn 5 or later if you have met the requirement. If turn 4 ended with you in control of a location with a single Namor, you can Retreat and earn the reward for winning a location with only one Card. Like the Play Cards missions, these missions are only checking for conditions up to the most recently completed turn.

Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to use this knowledge to improve your experience playing MARVEL SNAP. If you or any of your cards are caught or destroyed, the Director will disavow any knowledge of your actions.

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