MARVEL SNAP's Season Pass is a monthly Battle Pass filled with in-game currency, cosmetics, and cards. But how does the Free Season Pass differ from the Premium Season Pass, and how do you advance through its levels before the Season ends? We've got answers to those questions and more, in our guide to MARVEL SNAP's Season Pass.

There are two sides to the Season Pass: the Free Season Pass, which (as it says on the tin) is free, and the Premium Season Pass, which costs $9.99 USD. There's also the Premium+ Pass, which gives an immediate ten level boost to the Premium Pass when purchased - it costs $14.99 USD (or $4.99 USD if you've already purchased the Premium Pass). In other currencies, the cost of the Premium Season Pass is based on conversion rates from USD, so if you live somewhere other than America, the cost could fluctuate from Season to Season.

The Free Season Pass contains mostly in-game currency and some cosmetics. The most recent Season Pass, for the Savage Land Season, contains 2300 Credits, 85 Random Boosters, 300 Gold, two Titles, and a card back - plus whatever you can get from the Season Caches (we'll talk about those later).

Purchasing the Premium Season Pass gives you the Season Pass card as well as three Season Variants, three Season Avatars, a Title, and a card back - the cosmetic rewards are exclusive to their Season's Premium Pass and will not be made available later. It also adds four Mystery Variants, 300 Credits, 900 Gold, and 230 Boosters for the Season Pass card and the cards with Season Variants. All these numbers are based on the contents of the Savage Land Premium Pass.

The Season Pass card, when released, is exclusive to its Season's Premium Pass. After its Season ends, the card is added to Series 5 for one Season. It will then move to Series 4, during the following Season's scheduled Series Drop. In other words, the Season Pass card will be added to Series 4 during the Season that starts eight weeks after its initial release.

Below is a table showing the rewards earned at each level of the Season Pass for the most recent Season, Savage Land, as an example of what to expect from future Season Passes. Since the developers are still iterating on rewards structures, we expect to see small changes from time to time in the Season Pass, but much of it will likely remain the same.

You need to earn 1000 Season Pass XP to move up each level of the Season Pass.

1 Zabu Base Card
2100 Credits 
3 25 Zabu Boosters
4100 Gold 
5200 Credits 
6 25 Zabu Boosters
7 Mystery Variant
815 Random Boosters 
9"Why Yes, That Is A Loincloth" Title 
10100 Credits 
11 100 Gold
12 Ka-Zar Avatar
13200 Credits 
14 30 Ka-Zar Boosters
15 100 Gold
1615 Random Boosters 
17100 Credits 
18 Ka-Zar "Savage Land" Variant
19100 Gold 
20 30 Ka-Zar Boosters
2115 Random Boosters 
22 Mystery Variant
23200 Credits 
2415 Random Boosters 
25 Claws Card Back
26 200 Credits
27"Technically Not Tarzan" Title 
28100 Credits 
29 100 Gold
30 Storm Avatar
31200 Credits 
32 30 Storm Boosters
33100 Gold 
34 Storm "Savage Land" Variant
35200 Credits 
36 30 Storm Boosters
37 100 Gold
3825 Random Boosters 
39 100 Credits
40 Mystery Variant
41200 Credits 
42 60 Zabu Boosters
43200 Credits 
44 "Zabu, No, Bad Kitty" Title
45500 Credits 
46 Zabu Avatar
47 Mystery Variant
48Savage Land Card Back 
49 500 Gold
50 Zabu "Savage Land Variant" Variant
51+Season Cache 


Season Caches

Season Caches are the Season Pass rewards from level 51 upwards, on both the Free and Premium Season Pass. They mainly contain in-game currency, with a small chance of containing a Mystery Variant. In short, you have a 40% chance of earning some amount of Credits, a 40% chance of earning an amount of Boosters, a 15% chance of earning Gold, and a 5% chance of a Variant. The odds, from most likely reward to least likely, look like this:

  • 25% chance of 50 Credits
  • 25% chance of 10 Boosters
  • 10% chance of 100 Credits
  • 10% chance of 15 Boosters
  • 10% chance of 50 Gold
  • 5% chance of 100 Gold
  • 5% chance of a Mystery Variant

Chapters and Missions

Each Season of MARVEL SNAP comes with Chapters equal to the number of weeks the Season will last - most Seasons will have four Chapters, but occasionally we will see a five Chapter Season. Chapters unlock at the beginning of each week (at 7 PM PT Monday or 2 AM UTC Tuesday) with three Missions ready to be completed, with an additional Mission unlocking for each of the next few days.

Seasons with four Chapters have seven Missions per Chapter. Each Chapter Mission rewards a chunk of Season Pass XP when completed.  Once you've completed all Missions contained within a Chapter, the Chapter will reward you with additional Season Pass XP. In a four Chapter Season, the first three Chapters give 2500 XP when finished, and the fourth Chapter gives 4000 XP when finished.

Each time a Mission unlocks in a Chapter, it comes from the pool of Chapter Missions (seen below). There is no set order for which Missions appear first, but every player unlocks the same Mission.

Below is a list of every Season Chapter Mission, its requirement, and the amount of Season Pass XP granted when completed. The Missions are sorted from least amount of XP given to most.

NOTE: The XP amounts shown below may be subject to change from Season to Season; we will strive to keep them as up-to-date as possible.

MissionCompletion RequirementSeason XP Granted
Win all 3 Locations in a Match0/1650 XP
Complete Hard Daily Missions0/7800 XP
Play 5 Cost Cards0/10800 XP
Win Matches0/15800 XP
Move Cards0/10900 XP
Play 1 Cost Cards0/25900 XP
Play 3 Cost Cards0/15900 XP
Play 4 Cost Cards0/10900 XP
Play 6 Cost Cards0/7900 XP
Acquire Boosters0/100950 XP
Gain Collection Level0/10950 XP
Play 2 Cost Cards0/15950 XP
Play On Reveal Cards0/25950 XP
Upgrade a Card0/12950 XP
Win a Location with only 1 Card0/15950 XP
Destroy Cards0/101000 XP
Win a Location with 10 or Less Power0/151000 XP
Win a Match with 40 or more Power0/81000 XP
Complete a Full Weekly Challenge0/11100 XP
Make Your Opponent Retreat0/11100 XP
Play 1000 Power's worth of Cards0/10001100 XP
Win a Location with 20 or more Power0/201150 XP
Win a Location with 4 Cards0/201150 XP
Draw Cards0/2001200 XP
Play Ongoing Cards0/301200 XP
Complete Daily Missions0/151250 XP
Discard Cards0/101250 XP
Win Matches with a Snap0/101400 XP


Other Ways to Get Season Pass XP

You can also earn Season Pass XP from Daily Missions, Weekly Challenges, and playing matches.

Daily Missions grant 25 XP for completing a normal Daily Mission, and 50 XP for completing a Hard Daily Mission. For a complete list of all Daily Missions, see our dedicated guide.

Completing a Weekly Challenge (by doing 25 Daily Missions in one week) grants you 2000 total Season Pass XP, broken up in 5 Mission increments as follows:

  • 100 XP for completing 5 Daily Missions
  • 200 XP for completing 10 Daily Missions
  • 300 XP for completing 15 Daily Missions
  • 500 XP for completing 20 Daily Missions
  • 900 XP for completing 25 Daily Missions

You also earn Season Pass XP by playing matches: 1 XP for each turn completed and 10 XP for each Location won at match's end. There is no XP granted for winning matches.

Now that you know your way around MARVEL SNAP's Season Pass, it's time to get out there and make the most of it!