We've got a brand new event in Hearthstone's Mercenaries game mode and it's here only for a limited-time! This time, we'll venture into many dangerous Bounty zones with the aid of N'Zoth, (in)famous Old God that already made its appearance in Hearthstone in Whispers of the Old Gods with N'Zoth, the Corruptor.

Our journey won't be in search of just fame and success, but you'll be able to complete a set of 10 event Tasks, which will reward you coins for N'Zoth and many other goodies.

Here are all the tasks that are available during the N'Zoth Mercenaries event. Click any of the links below to visit our guide for the task.

  1. Raiding the Shore
    • Requirement: Complete Corrupted Murlocs Bounty with at least 1 Murloc in Darkshore.
    • Reward: 50 N'Zoth Coins, 25 Murky Coins.
  2. Ice Sculpting
    • Requirement: Complete Icehowl Bounty without any Blocks of Ice on the board in Winterspring.
    • Reward: N'Zoth Mercenary.
  3. One with the Void
    • Requirement: Complete Mi'da Bounty without using any Holy abilities in Onyxia's Lair.
    • Reward: 50 N'Zoth coins, 25 Nefarian Coins.
  4. Bunker Crashers
    • Requirement: Complete Galvangar Bounty using 6 of Human, Dwarf and Elf characters in Alterac Valley.
    • Reward: 50 N'Zoth coins, 25 Balinda Stonehearth Coins.
  5. Murlocs in the Valley
    • Requirement: Complete Heroic Rotimer Bounty with at least 2 Murlocs in Alterac Valley.
    • Reward: 50 N'Zoth coins, 25 Murky coins, 25 random coins.
  6. Bones and Golems
    • Requirement: Complete Heroic Dragonbone Golem fight triggering at least 10 Deathrattles in Onyxia's Lair.
    • Reward: 60 N'Zoth coins, 50 Nefarian coins, 25 random coins.
  7. Damage Supreme
    • Requirement: Deal 100 damage with N'zoth's Corrupted Viscera in a single battle.
    • Reward: N'Zoth Golden Portrait
  8. Emperor Dethroned
    • Requirement: Complete Emperor Thaurissan Bounty without setting off powdered kegs.
    • Reward: 75 N'Zoth coins, 50 Balinda Stonehearth coins.
  9. Murlocs on Ice
    • Requirement: Complete Heroic Popsicooler Bounty with at least 3 Murlocs in Alterac Valley.
    • Reward: 75 N'Zoth coins, 50 Murky coins, 50 random coins.
  10. Visions of Conquest
    • Requirement: Land a killing blow with N'zoth's Spawn of N'zoth against Gigafin or Gigafin's Maw in Corrupted Murlocs Bounty in Darkshore.
    • Reward: Diamond N'Zoth portrait.

As you can see, these tasks are quite the mixed bag: while some are fairly simple to complete, others require more than a bit of thinking (and luck: that one's always welcome) and planning ahead.

Moreover, certain tasks clearly state that you need Comps consisting of Mercenaries belonging to specific races in order for your progresses to count: while the Leeroy Jenkins event was about Orcs, Humans and Dragons, this time you'll need the help of Humans, Dwarves, Elves, and... Murlocs!

Not all challenges might be as difficult as they seem at a glance: there are usually tips and tricks to be found to make everyone's lives easier. In this series of guides we'll take a look at how to complete each event Task, so that you'll be able to get your hands on all the rewards available. As of now, we'll focus our attention on the current task.

In case you missed them, if you click the banner below you'll have access to each of our task guides for this event.

How to Complete the "Murlocs in the Valley" Task from the N'Zoth Event

  • Requirement: Complete Heroic Rotimer Bounty with at least 2 Murlocs in Alterac Valley.
  • Rewards: 50 N'Zoth coins, 25 Murky coins, 25 random coins.
  • Difficulty: 2/5

Remember the task 1 "Raiding the Shore"? Well, Murlocs in the Valley is basically an improved, and therefore slightly more difficult, version of said task:

  • This time you're required to include two Murloc Mercenaries (up from just one).
  • You'll have to complete the prescribed bounty in Heroic mode (Normal mode won't do this time).

Although we have a couple more obstacles to overcome, the strategy remains pretty much the same: you can either form a party that revolves around Murlocs or imagine to build a comp with only 4 slots available, leaving two Murlocs on the bench for the entire time.

As for the Lieutenant Rotimer fight, there are several things that need to be pointed out. This final encounter is built around "speed manipulation": all the three enemy units have their abilities set on a certain speed - such aura effect allows Rotimer & co. to gain the most out of certain abilities like Double Strike 1 or Aimed Shot 1, which require something to happen (or not happen) before the ability itself is cast.

Lieutenant Rotimer's abilities are set to 2 speed: unless you run Mercenaries with moves that slow down enemies, it is reasonable to expect that Rotimer will always be one of the first units to act each turn. As you can see, both [Hearthstone Card (Aimed Shot 5) Not Found] and [Hearthstone Card (Perfect aim 5) Not Found] benefit from this aura effect, as they'll almost always hit for maximum damage.

[Hearthstone Card (Aimed Shot 5) Not Found] [Hearthstone Card (Perfect aim 5) Not Found]

As for the other two units, Gankster is basically another Lieutenant Rotimer but as a Fighter: this character's abilities are set to speed 3 so that Rotimer will always fulfill their Combo requirement and Gankster will be able to hit harder. Long story short, if you disrupt/take out Rotimer, Gankster will be more manageable too.

Finally, Pathmaker has its abilities set to speed 9, meaning that it will be able to almost always fulfill secondary requirements like [Hearthstone Card (Double Strike 5) Not Found]'s second attack - however, the upside is that you'll usually have enough time to take down this enemy before it gets to cast its abilities.

[Hearthstone Card (Sinister Strike 5) Not Found] [Hearthstone Card (Tactical Strike 5) Not Found]

[Hearthstone Card (Double strike 5) Not Found]

Gankster and Pathmaker's movesets (list may not be complete).

All in all, we think the best approach is taking care of Lieutenant Rotimer in the first place and then dealing with one Fighter at time.

For the sake of completion, here are all the Murloc Mercenaries currently available:

Not that many choices, but remember that you need to include two Murlocs in your comp - not necessarily play with them.

Suggested Comps

Here are a few Mercenaries parties you can use to complete the "Murlocs in the Valley" task. You'll be able to choose between many comps, suggested by different content creators, as well as mentions of budget alternatives for our readers that don't have many Legendary Mercs in their collection.

Out of Cards Recommendation - Orc Comp

With two spots of the comp locked by Murlocs in the Valley's party building restriction, gathering a 4-Merc-squad can certainly be challenging. From our perspective, Orcs are always going to be a reliable choice as long as the fight has many Fighters or Casters.

To prove this comp of being fit for this task, we recorded a video showing you that you can pull this off with ease.

Here are a few tips for those unfamiliar with this strategy.

ZombiesGoNomNom's Dragon Comp (Budget!)

Dragons were not something we saw coming, but ZombiesGoNomNom certainly did, and here's the party they came up with.

  • Dragons have great sustainability, so even a 4-Merc-comp can bring you very far.
  • Sinestra-Yu'lon-Nefarian is going to be your final fight trio.
  • Deathwing is not strictly necessary, so you can replace it with any other Protector/Dragon you want.

Anfidel's Murloc Comp

Only two Murlocs? Heh, pathetic. Anfidel shows us the way as they include all the available Murlocs in their task 5 comp.

Other Resources

Our clever community members set up a forum thread to share your Mercenaries progression journey, and we have added an #mercenaries channel on our Discord server if you want to talk with others in real-time. If you need an assist, you can also respond to this guide and we'll do our best to help you out; the comments are also a great way to share your own comps that you've used to complete the task above.

Good luck taking on any of these Bounties for those sweet sweet coins or just for the sake of satisfying completion!