Blizzard has always had the tradition to honor every HS World Champion with a tribute card.

We've had 8 World Champions so far, and here are all their tribute cards!

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    Firebat - 2014 World Champion

    Fiery Bat Card Image

    The first HS World Champion ever and today's Grandmaster received his tribute card in Whispers of the Old Gods: we dare to say that this one is probably the most fitting adaptation and the easiest to catch.

    Ostkaka - 2015 World Champions

    Priest of the Feast Card Image

    Quite difficult to get due to language barriers, but 2015 World Champion Ostkaka is Swedish and his name in his native language means "cheesecake". In fact, this minion's flavor text is "Now that's a world champion cheesecake!". Quite the pun there.

    Pavel - 2016 World Champion

    Chittering Tunneler Card Image

    Pavel got Chittering Tunneler as his tribute card: the hint is again in the minion's flavor text - Ear to the ground, he carefully interpreted the chittering noises: “You wanna cast a spell? I wanna cast a spell!” - which is Babbling Book's entry line. While it may seem very odd, there's obviously an explanation: during the quarterfinals of the 2016 World Championship, Amnesiac got Pavel on the ropes with a solid 3-0 in his favor, but in the end the soon-to-be champion was able to pull of a reverse sweep (3-4), earn the right to play in the semifinals and, eventually, win the whole tournament. Here's a clip that will help you understand what you're talking about. 

    Tom60229 - 2017 World Champion

    Phantom Militia Card Image

    Probably the most difficult to get, but other than the slight reference in "phanTOM", Tom60229 actually got to voice act the minion's lines.

    Hunterace - 2018 World Champion

    Ace Hunter Kreen Card Image

    After a crazy match against Viper, Hunterace conquered his place in the hall of champions: he had to wait sometime before getting his tribute card, but Scholomance Academy finally brought it to him (and all of us of course). Definitely one of the most fitting adaptations so far: the recent introduction of Demon Hunter in Hearthstone made it possible to merge in a single unit both existing hunters and create a really flavorful representation of the champion's name. 

    If we needed any other proof outside of it being his own card reveal, the flavor text for Ace Hunter Kreen is on point.

    This grandmaster marksman loves winning tournaments and eating a bit of ice cream.

    Well played, Blizz!

    VKLiooon - 2019 World Champion

    Mok'Nathal Lion Card Image

    The first woman ever to earn the title of World Champion got her tribute card in Ashes of Outland; Both the player and the card share the same animal as their subject. Worth noting is that the minion's art definitely jumps to the eye for being far more realistic than the usual HS style, but that is not a flaw at all!

    The card was revealed on March 23, 2020, and was revealed by Liooon herself with very fitting flavor text.

    Never underestimate a lioness when her pride is on the line.

    Glory - 2020 World Champion

    Glory Chaser Card Image

    Among all the cards revealed in Fractured in Alterac Valley's final dump, Glory Chaser is one of the few hidden gems, and for a particular reason. In fact, Hearthstone developer Gallon confirmed that this card is Glory's tribute, and that the player has a chance of doubling down, given that they're qualified for Worlds 2021 too!

    Quote From Gallon

    The new card commemorating our last World Champion, @glory__HS! Not only that, he's qualified twice in a row and will be competing in this year's upcoming Championship – we wish you the best of luck!

    Posesi - 2021 World Champion

    Possessifier Card Image

    Beating the best, being the best, and brainwashing the rest.

    Quote From Gallon

    Our card for last year's Hearthstone World Champion,  @posesi8! Fun fact about this one, the flavor text for it was made by none other than @Abar_HS. Congratulations again on the victory!

    Bunnyhoppor - 2022 World Champion

    Bunny Stomper Card Image

    Bunnyhoppor's world championship tribute card comes from the final expansion of 2023's Year of the Wolf, Showdown in the Badlands. It was revealed during the October 20 card reveals.

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